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Star Wars jedi Survivor Recruits: All Cantina Recruit Locations

Star Wars jedi Survivor Recruits – In this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, we’ll show you how to find all recruits to fill your cantina with.

Assembling a powerful crew is just as vital as wielding a lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. To attain the Max Capacity trophy and achievement, you must seek out and recruit all 11 Cantina NPCs scattered throughout Jedha and Koboh. However, not all of them are available right away. Some require story-related abilities, so you’ll need to revisit certain locations after completing the main questline.

Once you’ve come across a potential recruit, persuade them to head to the Rambler’s Reach Outpost Cantina by speaking with them. You can locate these NPCs by exploring or gathering intel from other characters in the Cantina. Every new recruit brings a distinct skillset to your team and expands your base’s abilities.

So why delay? Start scouring every corner of Jedha and Koboh to amass the ultimate crew and earn the highly sought-after Max Capacity trophy and achievement.

Star Wars jedi Survivor Zeffo Chests

Star Wars jedi Survivor Recruit Locations

  1. Pit Droid (Koboh > Gorge Crash Site)
  2. Mosey and Turgle (Koboh > Rambler’s Reach Outpost)
  3. Toa (Koboh > Basalt Rift)
  4. Caij (Koboh > Devastated Settlement)
  5. Bhima and Tulli (Koboh > Boiling Bluff)
  6. Pili Walde (Jedha > Blustery Mesa)
  7. Skoova (Koboh > Foothill Falls)
  8. Jawa (Koboh > Bygone Settlement)
  9. Ashe Javi and DD-EC (Koboh > Harvest Ridge)
  10. Zygg Soza and Wini Eres (Koboh > Viscid Bog)
  11. T-1N8 (Koboh > Phon’Qi Caverns)

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