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Star Wars jedi Survivor Perks: How To Unlock All 25 Perks & Perks Slots

Star Wars jedi Survivor Perk Slots – In this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, we’ll show you how to find all Perk Slots so you can equip up to 10 perks while playing the game.

The vast expanse of the galaxy holds countless treasures waiting to be discovered, and among them are powerful Perks that can transform your abilities, your life, and even your connection to the Force itself. But where can you find these elusive gems?

Fear not, intrepid adventurer, for the path to Perks is clearer than you might think. Simply journey to a Meditation Point and access the Perks section of the Abilities menu, where you can equip these potent enhancements to your heart’s content.

But before you can truly immerse yourself in the Perk-laden wonders of the galaxy, you must first complete all the Jedi Chambers. This will unlock a vital tool for any Perk-seeker: the Map Upgrade in Koboh’s Alignment Control Center. With this upgrade in hand, every planet will be populated with the locations of all Essences, including Perks and Perk Slots.

And trust us, you’ll want to get your hands on as many Perks as possible. While you start with three Perk Slots, the world is full of opportunities to acquire more – six, to be exact. And if that’s not enough, fear not: one more Perk Slot can be yours for a mere ten Data Discs, purchasable at Zee’s Shop on the second floor of the Cantina.

Star Wars jedi Survivor Zeffo Chests

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Perks List

  1. Equilibrium (Bought From Zee)- Using a Force Power increases the damage of your next Lightsaber attack; costs three slots.
  2. Versatility (Bought From Zee) – Deal extra damage temporarily after switching Lightsaber stances; costs three slots.
  3. Wisdom (Bought From Zee) – Gain more experience when you defeat enemies; costs three slots.
  4. Elixir (Bought From Zee) – Healing Stims also fill a small amount of the super meter; costs two slots.
  5. Flux (Bought From Zee) – Regenerate a small amount of Force over time, but maximum Force is reduced; costs one slot.
  6. Steadfast (Bought From Zee) – Absorb one hit without being interrupted while you’re sprinting; costs one slot.
  7. Gambler (4 slots) – Increases earned XP you earn, but you can no longer restore after death. This perk is located in Jedha (Crypt of Uhrma).
  8. Fellowship (4 slots) – Gives BD-1 an extra Stim charge. This perk is located in Koboh (Chamber of Clarity).
  9. Fortitude (4 slots) – You both increase the damage you deal and the damage you receive. This perk is located in Koboh (Fogged Expanse).
  10. Recuperation (3 slots) – Increases the minimum level that your Force Meter can regenerate. This perk is located in Koboh (Chamber of Connection).
  11. Patience (3 slots) – You restore some HP whenever you activate the Slow Time. This perk is located in Koboh (Chamber of Detachment). 
  12. Marksmanship (3 slots) – When you’re in the Blaster stance, you deal extra damage with your Blaster shots. This perk is located in Koboh (Stone Spiers).
  13. Fortification (3 slots) – You regenerate your HP up to a minimum amount. This perk is located in Koboh (Forest Array).
  14. Ambidexterity (3 slots) – You increase your Lightsaber’s attack damage when you shoot enemies with your Blaster. This perk is located in Koboh (Stone Spires/Chamber of Ambidexterity).
  15. Dexterity (2 slots) – You deal extra damage with lightsaber throws. This perk is located in Koboh (Chamber of Reason).
  16. Perplexity (2 slots) – Increases the damage dealt by all enemies under Confusion. This perk is located in Koboh (Mountain Observatory).
  17. Shatter (2 slots) – You can break enemies’ guards more effectively. This perk is located in Koboh (Sodden Grotto).
  18. Precision (2 slots) – You deal more stamina damage when you parry, but it has a reduced time in return. This perk is located in Koboh (Stone Spiers).
  19. Persistence (2 slots) – You replenish a small amount of HP when you kill an enemy when they’re slowed. This perk is located in Koboh (Chamber of Fortitude).
  20. Centered (2 slots) – Staggers nearby enemies when you’re healing, and you can take one hit without interrupting your healing. This perk is located in Shattered Moon.
  21. Resilience (1 slot) – Increases your block meter. This perk is located in Koboh (Chamber of Duality).
  22. Unflinching (1 slot) – You can take a safe hit while charging your Blaster. This perk is located in Jedha (Desert Ridge). 
  23. Purity (New Game Plus)– Increases all damage done and received by Cal Kestis.
  24. Trendsetter (New Game Plus)– Randomizes all equipped cosmetics when you die. 
  25. Warrior (New Game Plus) – Makes some enemies stronger and hard to beat.

Star Wars jedi Survivor Perk Slot Locations

  1. Perk Slot 1 (Starting Perk)
  2. Perk Slot 2 (Starting Perk)
  3. Perk Slot 3 (Starting Perk)
  4. Perk Slot 4 (Jedha > Path of Restoration)
  5. Perk Slot 5 (Jedha > Path of Persistence)
  6. Perk Slot 6 (Jedha > Path of Conviction)
  7. Perk Slot 7 (Koboh > Derelict Dam)
  8. Perk Slot 8 (Koboh > Harvest Ridge)
  9. Perk Slot 9 (Koboh > Smuggler’s Tunnel)
  10. Perk Slot 10 (Zee’s Shop > Cantina)

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