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Star Wars jedi Survivor Mantis Skins: All Paint and Customisations

Star Wars jedi Survivor Outfits – The Stinger Mantis is the name of the spaceship that serves as the home base for the game’s protagonist, Cal Kestis, and his crew. It is a modified Imperial troop carrier that has been outfitted with advanced technology and customized to meet the needs of Cal and his companions.

The Mantis is not only a means of transportation but also serves as a hub for the game’s progress. Here, Cal can interact with his crew members, upgrade his skills and equipment, and plan his next mission. The ship also has a holotable where Cal can access his map and select his next destination.

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new upgrades for the Mantis, allowing it to travel to new locations and access previously inaccessible areas. It also plays an important role in the game’s story, serving as a refuge for Cal and his crew as they evade the Empire’s relentless pursuit.

Star Wars jedi Survivor Mantis Skins

Can You Customize The Mantis In Jedi Survivor

Unfortunately you cannot customize the mantis in jedi survivor, a big blow to fans of the original game where the mantis had unique skins to unlock. The mantis still plays a big role in game for travelling from planet to planet and its disappointing not to be able to change the look of it, when everything else including Cal, BD-1 and the lightsaber are all customizable.

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