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Star Wars jedi Survivor Jedi Chambers: How To Find All 7

Star Wars jedi Survivor Jedi Chambers – In this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, we’ll show you how to find all 7 jedi chambers.

Each chamber presents a unique puzzle designed to test your abilities, and completing all seven unlocks the coveted Star Tours trophy & achievement. But that’s not all – you’ll also gain the ability to unlock the Map Upgrade, revealing all Essences on the map (Perks, Perk Slots and Skill Points). Are you ready to embark on this journey? Below is a list of all Jedi Chambers and where to find them. May the Force be with you.

Star Wars jedi Survivor Zeffo Chests

Star Wars jedi Survivor Jedi Chambers

Koboh Chambers List

  • Chamber of Duality: Story-related Jedi Chamber in Koboh, accessed after entering Smuggler’s Tunnel in Chapter 2.
  • Chamber of Detachment: Found on the same platform as Skoova and the Mee fish in Koboh’s Prospector’s Folly.
  • Chamber of Connection: In Viscid Bog, accessed by riding a zipline and dropping to another perpendicular zipline.
  • Chamber of Fortitude: In Southern Ridge, gain access to the Corroded Silo by lifting the hatch on the roof and work your way down to the Chamber.
  • Chamber of Clarity: At the northernmost point in Untamed Downs, Koboh.
  • Chamber of Reason: Fast travel to the Rift Passage meditation point in Basalt Rift to get here, swing across to reach the Chamber.
  • Chamber of Ambidexterity: In Devastated Settlement, head to the second violet laser from the way you came as part of the story. Redirect the laser towards a hidden ledge, get there with a Relter, and burn the vines inside the room using BD-1’s goo laser.

Once you have completed all 7 chambers you can get your reward here at the central valley facility.

Investigate The Central Valley Facility Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Jedah Chambers List

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