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Star Wars jedi Survivor Force Tears: How To Get All 15

Star Wars jedi Survivor Force Tears – In this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, we’ll show you how to find and defeat all 15 force tears. These are purple glowing collectibles found in game and needed for the Blood, Sweat, and Tears achievement and trophy.

As you navigate through the treacherous terrain of Coruscant, Jedha, and Shattered Moon, keep your eyes peeled for the glowing purple collectibles known as Force Tears. These powerful crystals hold immense force energy within them, and only the bravest and most skilled Jedi can claim them for themselves.

To obtain a Force Tear, you must complete either an intense enemy encounter or a challenging platforming sequence, all while a clock runs in the background. You don’t have to beat a certain time to claim the Tear, but you must complete the challenge before the clock runs out. Once you succeed, the Tear will transform into a golden hue, signifying your victory over the challenge.

So, do you have what it takes to claim all of the Force Tears and become a true Jedi Survivor? Only time will tell.

Star Wars jedi Survivor Zeffo Chests

Star Wars jedi Survivor Force Tear Locations


  • Fractured Malice: Rooftops meditation point, opposite way along pipes, lift door, Tear behind. Defeat 2 Rancors.


  • Fractured Burden: Gorge Crash Site meditation point, elevator, liftable plate, drop down for Tear. Defeat 3 large enemies.
  • Fractured Agility: Boiling Bluff, interact with balloon dispenser, reach platform, interact with beast. Tear on Derelict Dam, complete platforming challenge.
  • Fractured Momentum: Smuggler’s Tunnel, go through 2nd green laser gate, wall run and phase through it to find Tear.
  • Fractured Delusion: Hunter’s Quarry, climb up vines, use ascension hook to wall run panel, step inside cave for Tear. Defeat enemies.
  • Fractured Duality: Cantina’s rooftop garden, climb tower via vines, defeat enemies with Double-Bladed Stance.
  • Fractured History: Kill Spawn of Oggdo at Fort Kah’Lin, interact with miniature Oggdo at Doma’s Shop for Tear. Defeat 2 more Spawns of Oggdo.
  • Fractured Resolve: Behind first waterfall, complete platforming sequence.


  • Fractured Tradition: Monastery Walls meditation point, slide down hill, grapple onto ledge, shimmy along beam, jump across pillars. Defeat 1 wave of Bedlam Raider enemies with single lightsaber stance.
  • Fractured Determination: Anchorite Base meditation point, green opened path.
  • Fractured Dexterity: Crypt of Uhrma meditation point, wall-run into windy area with Scavenger Droid, take left.
  • Fractured Cunning: Timeworn Bridge meditation point, climb up wall, dash through green laser door.

Shattered Moon

  • Fractured Endurance: Automated Forge meditation point, climb electrified grates, run along wall, swing across pole. Defeat 150 B1 Battle Droids.

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