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Star Wars jedi Survivor Fish: All Fish For The Aquarium

Star Wars jedi Survivor Fish – In this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, we’ll show you how to find all plants to unlock the skoova diving achievement.

Dive into a watery adventure with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and discover the 12 elusive Fish Locations scattered throughout the galaxy. But hold your breath – finding all of them is no easy feat. Only the most intrepid explorers will be rewarded with the Skoova Diving trophy and achievement.

First things first, you need to recruit Skoova, the Cantina’s resident fisherman. You can find him in the peaceful Foothills Fall of the Prospector’s Folly region on Koboh. During Chapter 5, you will naturally stumble upon this location where you’ll find Skoova sitting in his fishing boat opposite a hut. Strike up a conversation and convince him to join your cause. Once he’s on board, he’ll make his way back to the Cantina, where he can be found near the aquarium upstairs.

To fill up the aquarium and unlock the coveted trophy, you must find all 12 Fish scattered throughout the game. Skoova can help you with that – you just need to find him in various locations around Jedha and Koboh. He’ll be waiting in his trusty boat, ready to catch the elusive creatures. We recommend waiting until after completing the story when you have all the necessary abilities to explore every nook and cranny.

Star Wars jedi Survivor Zeffo Chests

Star Wars jedi Survivor Fish Locations

  1. Snakefish (Jedha > Anchorite Base)
  2. Faintailed Laa (Jedha > Crypt of Uhrma)
  3. Big Mouth Faa (Koboh > Rift Passage)
  4. See Fish (Koboh > Foothill Falls)
  5. Frilled Newt (Koboh > Gorge Crash Site)
  6. Barbed Hookfish (Koboh > Smuggler’s Tunnel)
  7. Fingerlip Garpon (Koboh > Rambler’s Reach Outpost)
  8. Viscid Lurker (Koboh > Phon’Qi Caverns)
  9. Mee (Koboh > Mountain Ascent)
  10. Glottsamcrab (Koboh > Viscid Bog)
  11. Blue-Finned Crayfish (Koboh > Nekko Pools)
  12. Blinding Rayfish (Koboh > Devastated Settlement)

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