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Star Wars jedi Survivor Bounties: All 17 Bounty Locations

Star Wars jedi Survivor Bounties – In this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, we’ll show you how to find and defeat all 17 bounties. These enemies mostly spawn after the end of the main story, but once defeated can join your cantina.

Star Wars jedi Survivor Zeffo Chests

Star Wars jedi Survivor Bounty Locations

  • Korej Lim: (story)
  • Meyen Corr (Koboh > Boiling Bluff)
  • Gatt Medo (Coruscant > Freight Handling Depot)
  • Mash (Shattered Moon > Automated Forge)
  • Masi Finau (Nova Garon > Hangar Bay Exterior)
  • Kle-0 (Nova Garon > Hangar Bay Exterior)
  • Fenn Finau (Nova Garon > Hangar Bay Exterior)
  • Corde The Half: (Jedha > Halls of Ranvell)
  • PR-85T & Corde The Other Half: (Jedha > Halls of Ranvell)
  • Yuhong: (Jedha > Anchorite Base)
  • Kip Ostar (Koboh > Derelict Dam)
  • Raz (Koboh > Forest Array)
  • Selfin Jook (Koboh > Observatory Understructure)
  • Vaslyn Martz (Koboh > Fogged Expanse)
  • Kili Oso (Jedha > Sepulcher Pass)
  • Jo the Cannibal (Koboh > Yurt Barracks)
  • Caij (Koboh > Devastated Settlement)

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