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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Trophy and Achievements Guide

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Trophy & Achievements Guide gives you all you need to know about the achievements and trophies in game.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Trophy

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Trophy List

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order offers a wide range of trophies and achievements to unlock across different platforms. Here’s a breakdown of all the trophies and achievements available in the game.

There are a total of 40 trophies/achievements in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order:

  1. A New Hope – Complete the story on any difficulty
  2. A Galaxy Far, Far Away – Complete all of BD-1’s holomaps
  3. Legendary Beasts – Defeat four mysterious creatures
  4. Herd Mentality – Use BD-1 to herd creatures
  5. Scum and Villainy – Defeat each type of bounty hunter
  6. The Mantis – Join the crew
  7. I Knew He Was No Good – Defeat a former Jedi Master
  8. Back At You – Defeat 50 enemies with reflected blaster bolts
  9. Perfect Timing – Parry 100 enemies
  10. Big Bang – Defeat 20 enemies with explosives
  11. Can’t Touch This – Precision evade 100 attacks
  12. Look Out Below – Send 25 enemies over the edge
  13. Not So Fast – Defeat 25 enemies while they are under the effect of Empowered Slow
  14. What Goes Around… – Defeat an enemy with their own projectile
  15. Don’t Mess With BD-1 – Defeat an enemy with a hacked droid
  16. The Full Glow-Up – Customize your lightsaber
  17. Green Thumb – Complete all of Greez’s plant seeds
  18. Data Disk – Find all of BD-1’s encrypted logs
  19. Echo Location – Discover 75 Force Echoes
  20. Feel the Force – Unlock all Jedi skills
  21. A Long Time Ago – Discover all of the Stim Canister upgrades
  22. Medical Droid – Find all of BD-1’s stim canisters
  23. Fashion Sense – Collect all of Cal’s customization items
  24. Data Collector – Scan all enemy types
  25. Cal Got Your Tongue? – Slice an oggdo’s tongue
  26. Bestiary – Complete all enemy entries in the databank
  27. Collector – Collect all chests and secrets
  28. Sabersmith – Fully upgrade your lightsaber
  29. Trust Only in the Force – Complete the story on Jedi Grand Master difficulty
  30. A Balanced Diet – Scan all types of Mantis food
  31. Tactical Guide – Learn all enemy tactics
  32. Databank – Collect all entries in the databank
  33. Legendary Jedi – Raise all of Cal’s skills to their maximum level
  34. Triple Take – Defeat 3 enemies using a single lightsaber throw
  35. Cal’s Memories – Collect all of Cal’s echoes
  36. No Need For Greed – Complete the game with 100% of collectibles
  37. Perfect Form – Cal performs a special lightsaber attack while switching his lightsaber type
  38. New Journey – Complete the game on any difficulty without changing the default outfit for Cal or BD-1
  39. Endangered – Species Kill 50 enemies with their own kind’s weaponry
  40. Cal Kestis – Complete the story on Jedi Master difficulty

Unlocking all the trophies/achievements in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order requires a combination of exploration, combat, and skill progression. Some trophies/achievements are story-related and will unlock as you progress through the game, while others require specific actions, such as defeating enemies in unique ways or collecting all of the game’s items.

Completing all the trophies/achievements in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is a challenging but rewarding experience for any gamer, and adds to the overall satisfaction of playing through the game.

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