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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Missions Guide – All 6 Chapters Walkthrough

The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order missions guide will give you a complete walkthrough of everything you need to know about available missions, side missions and more.  The guide includes walkthroughs, puzzles, and location guides of useful stuff to know.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Missions Guide


Chapter 1 Missions List

There are 6 chapters in Jedi Fallen Order and each chapter is split into multiple objectives to complete for that chapter.  Each chapter usually begins on the mantis, then exploring the planet to find a secret or info and then returning to the mantis.

  • Ship-breaking Yard
  • Cargo Train
  • Visit the Vault
  • Board the mantis and travel to Zeffo

Chapter 1 Overview

The journey Begins – Cal Kestis, a former Jedi Padawan, has been hiding out on Bracca since Order 66.  Cal joined a scrapping crew and lived in hiding for years, but blew his cover when using the force to save his friend Prauf from a deadly fall.  This prompted the ruthless second sister and ninth sister to attack him.  Cal was narrowly saved by two mysterious individuals: Cere Junda and Greez Dritus.  Now, they find themselves on the remote planet Bogano, ready to discover the secrets of an ancient vault…

Rebuilding the Jedi Order – After revealing she no longer uses the Force, Cere sent Cal to an ancient Vault.  Along the way, Cal found a friendly droid named BD-1 who joined the quest.  On their journey, Cal reached out to the Force, remembering his ability to wall run.  Inside the Vault, BD projected a message from master Eno Cordova detailing how he hid a holocron containing a list of known force sensitive children within.  To access it, Cal must find the tombs of three Zeffo Sages.  With BD’s aid, Cal embarks on a journey to rebuild the Jedi order…

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Missions Guide - All 6 Chapters Walkthrough zeffo missions

Chapter 2 Missions List

  1. Zeffo – Search for Ancient Tombs
  2. Zeffo – Find the Eye of the Storm
  3. Zeffo – Tomb of Eilram
  4. Zeffo – Return to the Mantis

Chapter 2 Overview

The eye of the Storm – The crew travelled to the Zeffo home-world, searching for the tombs Cordova mentioned.  They learned the Empire occupied Zeffo in order to mine ancient artefacts.  the directive, code named project auger, was terminated after Zeffo’s magnetic winds proved too difficult to deal with.  Now, Cal and BD find themselves inside an ancient Zeffo tomb looking for messages from Cordova…

The Tomb of Eilram – in the eye of the enormous storm, Cal and BD-1 found the tomb of Eilram.  Inside, Cal saw a vision of his former master, Jora Tapal, which helped him rediscover his ability Push objects with the force.  As they were leaving, Cal and BD found another holocron from Cordova pointing them to Kashyyyk.

Strangers – After landing on Dathomir, Cal and BD-1 faced off against and Nightsister who demanded they leave the planet immediately.  when they refused, she commanded Nightbrothers to attack them.  Shortly after escaping that threat, Cal and BD-1 came upon a wanderer, who claimed to be studying Zeffo ruins.  Who he is and whats’s become of the Nightsisters remains to be seen…


Chapter 3 Missions List

  1. Kashyyyk – Find Tarfful
  2. Kashyyyk – Free the Wookies
  3. Zeffo – Explore the Imperial Excavation
  4. Zeffo – Explore the Tomb of Miktrull
  5. Zeffo – Raise the Spire of Miktrull
  6. Zeffo – Head Back to the Mantis

Chapter 3 Overview

A Fateful Meeting – While descending into Kashyyyk’s atmosphere, the Mantis crew become embroiled in  a skirmish between imperial forces and freedom fighters.  Believing Wookie chieftain Tarfful could be among them, Cal jumped ship and hijacked an AT-AT, piloting it right into the infamous insurgent Saw Gerrera! Saw and his fighters were in the middle of a campaign to liberate a nearby wroshyr sap refinery.  With the possibility that Tarfful could be one of the Wookies detained there, Cal and BD-1 agree to help him.

New Allies – After freeing the imprisoned Wookies and taking the refinery from the Empire, Cal still had no information on Tarfful’s whereabouts.  Luckily Choyyssyk, one of the wookies Cal helped liberate, had fought alongside Tarfful in the past.  he and Mari Kosan, a member of Saw’s guerrilla fighters, agree to find Tarfful for Cal.  However, just as he receives the news, Cere discovered an imperial transmission revealing the Empire was close to unearthing another tomb of Zeffo.

The Second Sister’s origin – While it was true that the Empire was closing in on the Tomb of Minktrull, Cal rushed to Zeffo to find himself caught in a trap laid by the second sister.  She revealed herself to be Trilla, Cere’s former Padawan.  After a perilous battle, Trilla seemed to get the upper hand on Cal but before she could strike him down, BD-1 intervened, positioning an unbreakable laser field between Trilla and Cal.  As Cal escaped into Minktrulls tomb, he tried to call Cere but was interrupted by Trilla slicing his comm.

The Tomb of Minktrull – In another plot to kill Cal, Trilla lured him into a hanging sarcophagus and instructed her forces to shoot it down.  In that moment, Cal regained the ability to pull his lightsaber and narrowly escaped.  On their way out of the tomb, Cal and BD found another encrypted log from Cordova, explaining the key to the Bogano vault is a device called the Zeffo Astrium.  To access the Vault, they’ll need to find one.  Before he could return to the ship Cal was captured by bounty hunters.  Who they work for remains a mystery.


Chapter 4 Missions List

  1. Ordo Eris – Escape the Prison
  2. Kashyyyk – Meet Tarfful and Mari
  3. Kashyyyk – Reach the Origin Tree
  4. Kashyyyk – Climb the Origin Tree
  5. Kashyyyk – Return to the Mantis

Chapter 4 Overview

Fractured Trust – trapped by the infamous Sorc Tormo, Cal and BD were forced to fight some fearsome creatures.  During the show, the mantis burst into the Haxion Broods lair to rescue them.  The reunion was an unhappy one, however, Cal learned the Brood found him because Greez lied about paying off his Debts.  Even worse, Cal was still reeling from his discovery that Cere had given up Trilla under torture.  Cere and Cal’s argument was cut short by a transmission from Mari Kosan, who’s found Tarfful in Kashyyyk’s shadowlands…

Diverging Paths – After a talk from Greez, Cal and BD set off to find Mari and Tarfful.  while Cal was fighting the Brood, Trilla led an attack to destroy their resistance.  A rift formed between Mari and Saw, splitting their forces in two; Saw had since left the planet.  After fighting their way through the recaptured refinery.  Cal and BD met Mari, Tarfful and Choyyssyk.  Tarfful told Cal to climb the Origin Tree and Mari gave Cal a breather to help him get there.  the two groups parted ways.  Now Cal must climb the Origin Tree…

Fall of the Ninth Sister – On the way up the Origin Tree, Cal and BD encountered the Shyyyo Bird.  After saving himself from a deadly fall with Jedi flip, Cal and BD rode the Shyyyo to the top.  They discovered two things: Cordova found a Zeffo Astrium there years before, and a Zeffo tomb on Dathomir might hold another.  Just as they were leaving, the Ninth sister attacked!   A fierce battle ensued, but Cal won by pushing the Ninth sister off the tree.  The grateful Shyyyo bird gave Cal and BD a ride down.  Now their hopes rest on finding an Astrium on Dathomir…


Chapter 5 Missions List

  1. Dathomir – Find the Astrium
  2. Dathomir – Find a Way to Reach the Ruins
  3. Dathomir – Enter the Ruins
  4. Ilum – Explore the Jedi Temple
  5. Ilum – Find a Kyber Crystal
  6. Dathomir – Explore the Tomb of Kujet

Chapter 5 Overview

The Swamps of Dathomir – Cal and BD almost  made it all the way to the next tomb when they were ambushed by Nightbrothers.  While the two were safe, they were forced to wander through the dangerous Dathomirian Swamps.  They were once again found by the Nightsister Merrin who began raising the undead Nightsisters to attack them as they travelled.  Inside a dark Cave, BD found climbing Claws on a Nightbrother Corpse just as the dreaded Gorgara came home to roost.  During the fight, Gorgara snatched them into an Arial battle, culminating in a crash that killed the bat like beast.

Shadow of the Monster – Cal and BD found their way to the ruins, where Cal faced a dark version of Jaro Tapal.  This phantom shattered Cal’s Lightsaber, leaving him defenceless.  Cal and BD fled the ruins, running into the Wanderer.  He revealed himself to as Taron Malicos, a former Jedi now studying the dark side.  Malicos asked Cal to join his quest for power, but was cut off by Merrin.  She raised a horde of undead to destroy him and Cal.  Cal and BD rushed back to the Mantis.  After Cal’s confession about Order 66, Cere says its time for him to build his own lightsaber.

Reforged – Cere gifted Cal her lightsaber hilt, though her Kyber crystal had been sold long ago to pay for Greez’z debts.  Inside the caves, Cal followed the call of his crystal the a crack in the ice wall.  the ice beneath Cal and BD was shattered, sending Cal plummeting into the icy water.  BD saved Cal just in time, but the crystal split in two.  That triggered a log from Cordova, revealing BD sacrificed his memories to store logs Vital to Cal’s quest.  Cal combined Cere’s and Jaro hilts, creating a lightsaber with a single, double and dual wield capability.

The Escape – On there way out of the caves, Cal discovered a massive imperial mining operation on Ilum – designed to extract the planets Kyber crystals.  As Cal and BD fought there way back to the mantis, Cere used Trilla’s trick from Minktrull’s tomb to prevent the empire from calling reinforcements.  The empire eventually reversed the slice, but it gave Cal and BD enough time to get back to the Mantis.  Now with the lightsaber reforged, Cal must return to Dathomir and face the dark side once again.

Laid to Rest – Cal returned to face the shade of Jaro Tapal.  he realised the only way to defeat Jaro was to embrace his past and move forward.  He knelt before Jaro’s spectre, causing the apparition to vanish.  As Cal and BD moved into the tomb of Kujet, they came upon Merrin.  This time, however, she was willing to talk.  Cal learned that she might be the only survivor of the Nightsister massacre carried out by general grievous during the clone wars.  Merrin learned about the Jedi purge and Cal disavowed Malicos as a fallen Jedi.

A New Ally – Merrin allowed Cal to pass, warning that Malicos was ahead.  Malicos tried one last time to turn Cal, but attacked when refused.  It appears as though Malicos would win but Merrin intervened, blasting Malicos with magic.  They worked together to defeat Malicos.  After, Cal revealed that he came to Dathomir for an Astrium.  Merrin agreed to help him, and they found one in Kujet’s tomb.  Desiring more knowledge of the galaxy and a future for her people, Merrin joined Cal’s quest.  Together, the crew stands ready to return to Bogano and find the holocron…


Chapter 6 Missions List

  1. Bogano – Open the Vault
  2. Fortress Inquisitorius

Chapter 6 Overview

The Lost Holocron – Cal and BD brought the vault and found the Holocron.  Cal was swept into a vision.  young-lings training, only to be ambushed by the Empire!  A battle, death, torture, Cal as an inquisitor.  When he awoke, Trilla stood before him.  Cal pulled her lightsaber, thrusting him into a force echo: Cere and Trilla tortured, Trilla’s turn, Ceres escape.  When he returned, Trilla and the holocron were gone.  Cal ran back to the ship and told Cere.  She reached out to the force, took up Trilla’s lightsaber and knighted Cal…

The Final Battle – Cal, BD and Cere infiltrated the fortress inquisitorius as Merrin cloaked the Mantis.  Trilla waited for them inside , where she and Cal had a climactic battle and Cal took back the holocron.  Cere stepped in and apologised for the pain she caused Trilla.  Cere and Cal run for there lives .  Vader nearly trapped them, but Cere used the Force to protect Cal.  A favour he returned once the fortress was flooded.  Merrin and Greez rescue the and the holocron.

An Uncertain Future – Once the holocron was safely on board the mantis.  Cal made the decision to destroy it.  Whatever future awaits the crew, the children inside will remain safe…


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