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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Jedi Powers List

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Powers list will give  you all the details of all Jedi power available in game.

How to Get and Upgrade Powers

All the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Jedi Powers are given to you in game by playing the main story.  Cal will begin remembering powers he learned from his childhood through memories.  Once remembered you can begin upgrading your new Jedi powers in the skill tree.


All Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Jedi Powers List

Wall Run – The ability to run along walls for a short time.  Jumping to another wall will allow you to continue to run.  This ability is learned on Bogano.

Force Push – The ability to push objects to reveal new pathways or push enemies to deal damage.  Learned in the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo.

Force Pull – Grab objects or enemies towards you, releasing them to throw them.  Learned in the Tomb of Minktrull on Zeffo.

Jedi Flip – The ability to flip in the air while jumping, essentially giving you a double jump ability.  It allows you to jump to previously out of reach areas.  Learned while at the Origin Tree on Kashyyyk.

List of Jedi Power Ability Upgrades

(1) Force Attunement (Cost: 1) – Cal’s maximum Force is increased.

(2) Mass Push (Cost: 1) – Holding Push allows Cal to push groups of enemies and stagger large enemies. Uses Force.

(3) Howling Push (Cost: 2) – A powerful Push allowing Cal to send groups of enemies flying and knock down large targets. Uses Force.

(4) Enhanced Force Recovery (Cost: 1) – Cal regains more Force when he defeats an enemy, and regains some Force when he hits a blocking enemy.

(5) Empowered Slow (Cost: 1) – Holding Slow allows Cal to slow his target for a longer duration. Uses Force.

(6) Burst Slow (Cost: 2) – Holding Slow allows Cal to slow all targets around him. Increases slowed duration on target enemies. Uses Force.

(7) Grasping Pull (Cost: 1) – Holding Pull allows Cal to pull and hold most enemies. Large enemies can be yanked towards Cal. Uses Force.

(8) Howling Pull (Cost: 2) – A powerful Pull that yanks groups of enemies toward Cal. Uses Force.

(9) Greater Force Attunement (Cost: 1) – Cal’s maximum Force is increased.

(10) The Power of Friendship (Cost: 3) – BD-1’s stim canisters completely refill your Force Meter.

(11) Ultimate Force Attunement (Cost: 2) – Cal’s maximum Force is increased.

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