Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Controls List

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Controls

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Controls

The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Controls Guide shows you everything you need to know about controller settings in game and how to change them.


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Controls List

Basic Controls

  • Attack – A
  • Parry/Block – LB
  • Jump – A
  • Evade – B
  • Force Attack – Y
  • Interact/Target – RS
  • Droid Interact – D-pad Down
  • Heal  – D-pad Up
  • Sprint – LS
  • Single Blade – D-pad Left
  • Double Blade – D-pad Right
  • Slow – RB
  • Push – RT
  • Pull – LT

Navigation Controls

  • Climb – LT
  • Drop – B
  • Dive – X
  • Swim Up – A
  • Swim Boost – B

Holomap Controls

  • Map – Select
  • Map Zoom In – RT
  • Map Zoom Out – LT
  • Snap to Current Location – RS
  • Map Level Up – D-pad Up
  • Map Level Down – D-pad Down

Vehicle Controls

  • Vehicle Weapon Left – LT
  • Vehicle Weapon Right – RT


How to edit/customise controls

You can edit the controls in game and map them to any button you prefer.  To do this simply hit start, navigate to settings, controls and select edit controls to assign controls to your preferred buttons.

Start>Settings>Controls>Edit Controls

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