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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bosses Guide – All 13 Boss Fights!

Jedi Fallen Order Boss

The bosses are:

  • Second Sister: Encountered on Bracca during the tutorial.
  • AT-ST: Found on Zeffo when returning to the Mantis after your first visit.
  • Security Droid: Encountered on Kashyyyk during your first visit.
  • Second Sister: Encountered again on Zeffo during your second visit.
  • Bing: Met in the Haxion Fight Pit after completing your second visit to Zeffo.
  • Ninth Sister: Encountered on Kashyyyk during your second visit.
  • Gorgara: Encountered on Dathomir during your first full visit.
  • Taron Malicos: Found on Dathomir during your second visit.
  • Trilla Suduri: Encountered on Nur at the end of the game.
  • Oggdo Bogdo: Found on Bogano.
  • Albino Wyyyschokk: Discovered on Kashyyyk.
  • Rabid Jotaz: Encountered on Zeffo.
  • Nydak Alpha: Discovered on Dathomir.

Defeating bosses and enemies in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order follows a basic strategy to ensure success. It’s crucial to hold the block button consistently to avoid damage from regular attacks. However, attempting to parry against tough enemies is best avoided. Evading attacks, especially force attacks which can’t be blocked, is essential to survival.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bosses Guide - All 13 Boss Fights! ninth sister

Timing plays a key role. Waiting for enemies to use force attacks and then dodging them creates opportunities to strike back effectively. While more advanced techniques and abilities can be useful, this basic approach is the most reliable way to deal damage and stay alive, especially when facing the toughest bosses on Jedi Master difficulty.

In the game, there are two types of boss fights. Main bosses are encountered during the main missions, while mini-bosses can be found on different planets but can be avoided if desired. Each boss has unique moves, attacks, and behaviors that players must learn to defeat them, as they can easily take the player out with just a couple of strikes on higher difficulty levels.

Some boss fights have multiple phases, so players don’t necessarily need to deplete all of the boss’s health to complete the fight. They may encounter the boss again in the future. Alternatively, bosses may change their attack patterns when they reach half health, requiring players to adapt to their new tactics. Being prepared for these variations is essential for success.

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