Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bosses Guide – All 13 Boss Fights!

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bosses Guide – All 13 Boss Fights!

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The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bosses

The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bosses guide will help you defeat all the main bosses and mini bosses in the game.   


The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bosses Tips

Every boss and enemy in star wars Jedi fallen order can be defeated by following a basic strategy.  

  1. Keep your block button held to avoid damage from regular attacks at all time.  Dont try to parry against tough enemies.
  2. Try to evade as many attacks as possible, especially force attacks which cannot be blocked.  Sometimes timing is key.
  3. Wait for an enemy to use a force attack, if you dodge they will need a second to recover and this is when you can strike.
  4. For many bosses, using the slow ability gives you time to get a hit in but does waste force and so is not effective in long fights.

You can apply more advanced techniques and abilities to this, but if you hope to defeat the toughest Bosses on Jedi master difficulty this is the best way to survive and deal damage.

How to use the lightsaber

Boss Types

there are two types of boss fight main bosses that you fight during the main missions and mini bosses that you discover on different planets but are avoidable.  These are unique enemies and are usually guarding a secret or chest close by.

All bosses have unique moves, attacks, and behaviours which you need to learn in order to defeat them. (mostly so you know when to dodge attacks).

This is important as on hard difficulties it only takes one or two strikes from a boss to take you out.

Some boss fights are multi-phased and this can mean two things.

  1. The boss does not require you to deplete all of their health in order to complete the fight as you will encounter them again in the future.
  2. The second type of multi-phase is where a boss changes attacks when they reach half health and you need to adapt to that.
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bosses Guide - All 13 Boss Fights! ninth sister

Main Boss Fights

Second Sister (tutorial fight)

A short fight allowing you to get to grips with the controls.  She is tough even on easy difficulty but once you understand the controls its very easy.  You are not expected to defeat her only deplete her health.


After completing Zeffo you return to your ship and an AT-ST is attacking.  Dont waste any time and rush the AT-St and attack its legs.

Security Droid

During the First mission on Kashyyyk you are attacked by the security droid who is an easy opponent.

Second Sister (second fight)

After completing Kashyyyk you return to Zeffo for a second time and your second encounter with the second sister.  This time fight her like before.  Keep your guard up, dodge and wait for her to use powerful attacks and then strike while she is recovering.  After depleting half of her health you can continue on.

Ninth Sister

Found at the end of your second Kashyyyk playthrough is the Ninth Sister and the second toughest boss fight.  Defeat her the same way as other bosses by playing defensively and blocking and waiting for your opponent to be staggered or recovering before attacking.  Taking advantage of abilities like throwing your lightsaber can be very useful in dealing small but persistant damage to an enemy, while staying a good distance from them.


Found at the end of Dathomir is the tough Gorgara bat like creature.  Tough but is defeated the same way by making the most of your dodging abilities.  You dont need to deplete all the Gorgaras health in the first encounter.

Taron Malicos

By this point on the game you will have good health, force, stims and abilities and on easy difficulty i simply attacked him without any regards to my health and he went down very quickly.  On Jedi master difficulty and different story, played cautiously and blocked or avoided as many attacks as possible.  Striking only when i had a clear cut opportunity without taking damage.

Trilla Suduri

the final boss fight of the game is the toughest, fortunatly i have video walkthrough of defeating second sister/Trilla Suduri on Jedi Master Difficulty.

Mini Boss Fights


Oggdo Bogdo

Take advantage of the roof of the cave where you can drop down and hit oggdo with a surprise attack.  Use your slow ability and dodge and parry to avoid attacks and counter strike when you can.

Albino Wyyyschokk

Use the same strategy as all boss fights, keep in mind its bite attack can be blocked.


Rabid Jotaz

Easy to kill with a regular strategy of defend and dodge and counter attack when he is recovering from his own attack.

Nydak Alpha

Using the same strategy as all other boss fights.  keep in mind the Nydaks limbs can be severed to slow him down and he has a defence against multiple parries so use a mixture of parries and dodges.

Haxion Brood Bounty Hunters

Try to destroy his jetpack to slow him down.  Use your force powers to throw projectiles back at him.

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