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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Abilities List

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order offers a range of abilities for players to unlock and upgrade throughout the game. These abilities fall into three categories: combat, exploration, and force.

Combat Abilities: Combat abilities are crucial for surviving battles against enemies and bosses. The player can learn new moves and combos to enhance their lightsaber skills, such as the ability to perform powerful strikes, deflect blaster bolts, and break through an enemy’s guard. Upgrades to these abilities include increasing damage output, increasing the number of enemies that can be targeted at once, and more.

Exploration Abilities: Exploration abilities are essential for navigating the game’s environment and finding secrets. These abilities allow the player to access previously inaccessible areas, such as double jumping to reach higher ledges or using a grappling hook to swing across gaps. Upgrades to these abilities can increase their range or make them more efficient.

Force Abilities: Force abilities allow the player to harness the power of the Force to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. These abilities include Force push, which can move objects or enemies, Force pull, which can bring objects or enemies towards the player, and Force slow, which can slow down time. Upgrades to these abilities can increase their duration, range, and power.

As the player progresses through the game and earns experience points, they can use these points to unlock and upgrade their abilities, making them more powerful and effective in combat and exploration. The player can also use skill points to customize their playstyle, unlocking new abilities and upgrades.


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Abilities List & Skill Tree

Combat Skills

  • (1) Overhead Slash (Cost: 1) – Unlocks a powerful strike that is deadly against weaker enemies. Uses Force.
  • (2) Dash Strike (Cost: 1) – Cal dashes forward and attacks his target. Jump while dashing to flip over the target instead. Uses Force.
  • (3) Leaping Slash (Cost: 2) – Cal can perform another powerful attack after an Overhead Slash. Uses Force.
  • (4) Whirlwind Throw (Cost: 2) – Throws the double-bladed lightsaber in an area around Cal. Uses Force.
  • (5) Improved Dash (Cost: 1) – Increase the distance that Cal can travel when using Dash Strike.
  • (6) Repulse (Cost: 2) – An airborne attack that allows Cal to push away nearby enemies when he lands. Uses Force.
  • (7) Sprint Strike (Cost: 1) – Attacking out of a sprint allows Cal to perform a special lightsaber attack.
  • (8) Lightsaber Throw (Cost: 3) – Cal throws his lightsaber forward before pulling it back to him, hitting any enemies along the way. Uses Force.
  • (9) Power Throw (Cost: 2) – Increases the range of Cal’s Lightsaber Throw.
  • (10) Evasive Kick (Cost: 1) – Attacking after a quick evade allows Call to quickly perform a kick attack.
  • (11) Delay Thrust (Cost: 1) – Waiting longer to press attack after Cal swings his lightsaber allows him to perform a special attack with increased range.
  • (12) Delay Combo (Cost: 1) – Waiting longer to press attack after Cal swings his double-bladed lightsaber allows him to perform a continuous string of high-damage attacks.
  • (13) Switch Attack (Cost: 1) – Cal performs a special attack while switching his lightsaber type.
  • (14) Lightsaber Mastery (Cost: 3) – Increase all lightsaber damage.

Force Skills

  • (1) Force Attunement (Cost: 1) – Cal’s maximum Force is increased.
  • (2) Mass Push (Cost: 1) – Holding Push allows Cal to push groups of enemies and stagger large enemies. Uses Force.
  • (3) Howling Push (Cost: 2) – A powerful Push allowing Cal to send groups of enemies flying and knock down large targets. Uses Force.
  • (4) Enhanced Force Recovery (Cost: 1) – Cal regains more Force when he defeats an enemy, and regains some Force when he hits a blocking enemy.
  • (5) Empowered Slow (Cost: 1) – Holding Slow allows Cal to slow his target for a longer duration. Uses Force.
  • (6) Burst Slow (Cost: 2) – Holding Slow allows Cal to slow all targets around him. Increases slowed duration on target enemies. Uses Force.
  • (7) Grasping Pull (Cost: 1) – Holding Pull allows Cal to pull and hold most enemies. Large enemies can be yanked towards Cal. Uses Force.
  • (8) Howling Pull (Cost: 2) – A powerful Pull that yanks groups of enemies toward Cal. Uses Force.
  • (9) Greater Force Attunement (Cost: 1) – Cal’s maximum Force is increased.
  • (10) The Power of Friendship (Cost: 3) – BD-1’s stim canisters completely refill your Force Meter.
  • (11) Ultimate Force Attunement (Cost: 2) – Cal’s maximum Force is increased.

Survival Skills

  • (1) Survival Skills (Cost: 1) – Cal’s maximum Life is increased.
  • (2) Precision Evade (Cost: 2) – When performing a Precision Evade, Cal briefly slows enemies and recovers a small amount of Force.
  • (3) Superior Blocking (Cost: 1) – Cal’s defenses are improved, allowing him to take less block stamina damage from incoming attacks.
  • (4) Agile Deflection (Cost: 1) – Cal automatically deflects blaster bolts while he is sprinting or wall-running.
  • (5) Improved Stims (Cost: 1) – Cal recovers additional Life when using a stim canister from BD-1.
  • (6) Enhanced Survival Skills (Cost: 1) –  Cal’s maximum Life is increased.
  • (7) Expert Survival Skills (Cost: 2) – Cal’s maximum Life is increased.
  • (8) Personalized Stims (Cost: 2) – Cal recovers additional Life when using a stim canister from BD-1.

Other Abilities

  • Underwater Breather – Allows CAL to breath and dive under water.
  • Climbing Claws – Lets you climb new types of material to reach new places and allows you to climb vines faster.

BD-1 Skills

  • Scomp Link – Allows you to unlock red chests.
  • Overcharge – Allows BD to turn on and off switches.
  • Security Droid – Allows you to hack low health droids.
  • Powered Zipline – Allows you to travel up ziplines.
  • Probe Droid – Allows BD to hack droids which help you in battle.

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