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Borderlands 3 – Speedloadin Hellwalker Legendary Weapons Guide

Here is how to get the Speedloadin Hellwalker legendary weapon in Borderlands 3, plus a look at the weapons unique stats and abilities.

Speedloadin Hellwalker Shotgun Location & Guide

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Speedloadin Hellwalker Shotgun Stats and Description

  • Accuracy: 54%
  • Handling: 51%
  • Reload Time: 1s
  • Fire Rate: 4.20/s
  • Magazine Size: 2
  • +57% Weapon Damage
  • +10% Critical Hit Damage
  • +35% Reload Speed
  • Consumes 2 ammo per shot
  • Effective vs. Flesh
  • Red Text: So, my demons. Your time has come.

Hey, you got your Doom in my Borderlands! This replica of the Super Shotgun from Doom fires shots in a pentagram spread, firing both barrels in one shot with that classic reloading action we all know and love.

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