Scrounger Armor (Scavenger Set) – Far Cry 6

Scrounger Armor (Scavenger Set) – Far Cry 6

A complete gear and armor guide for the Scrounger Armor Set or scavenger set in Far Cry 6. Including how to get all pieces, abilities and more.

Scrounger Armor
Scrounger Armor

How To Get

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The scrounger armors make up the scavenger set and there are 5 pieces to collect

  • Head Gear – Scrounger Helmet
  • Chest Gear – Scrounger Coat
  • Leg Gear – Scrounger Jeans
  • Foot Gear –
  • Wrist Gear –

Set Ability

  • Scavenger Sense – Tag containers through walls
  • Resolver Scavenger – Acquire additional crafting materials
  • Super Tool – Improves repair tool power, automatically repairs vehicles, can repair turrets.


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