Saints Row 2022 Weapons: How To Get All Weapons

Saints Row 2022 Weapons: How To Get All Weapons

Saints Row is back and looking good in 2022, and just like all the previous saints row games, a wide variety of wacky and wonderful weapons are available for you to wreak havoc with. whether you want to blow up cars with a rocket launcher, destroy stuff remotely with a drone or fire laser beams, there are plenty of weapon options to choose from and countless ways to customise your weapons in the weapons cache. Below, you’ll find full details about where you can find them, how much they cost, and any other details you need to know. Read on for more.

Saints Row 2022 Weapons


Twinkle Bat

Smelterville Slugger – Swing Away

Crowbar – Bashmaster

Dustlander Sword – Bleeding Edge


Idol Lite


Machine Pistol – Splattergun


TEK Z-10


Police Shotgun


MDI-77 Auto Rifle – Swarm Tracer

K-8 Krukov AR – Killshot Ammo Reserve



Special Weapons


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