Returnal Weapons: All Returnal Weapons

Returnal All Weapons. Weapons in returnal are what you will rely on to defeat the whole host of enemies and bosses out to kill you as you make you way around the planet. Here is a list of all the know weapons.

returnal weapons list

Returnal Weapons List

Weapons are split into different types including sidearms, blasters, carbines and blades, each different weapon also has random attributes you get when you pick them up. Lastly each weapon also has several permanent unlocks you can get by levelling up the weapon by getting kills with it and those unlocks will stay on the weapon even when you die, although you will have to find a new weapon every time you die.

Sidearm SD-M8

Spitmaw Blaster

Tachyomatic Carbine

Atropian Blade


Thermogenic Launcher

Rotgland Lobber

Electropylon Driver


Pyroshell Caster

Coilspine Shredder

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