Returnal All Collectibles

Returnal All Collectibles

Returnal All Collectibles guide. There are 5 types of collectible in returnal to find including Scout Logs, Xenoglyphs, Ship Logs, Permanent Equipment and Xeno Archives. These items are needed for trophies, lore and more. Here is a list and location of all the collectibles and useful items in game.

Returnal All Collectibles returnal all collectibles

Scout Logs

Voice logs are left by Selene’s past incarnations as you journey through Atropos and are needed for the Alternate Fates trophy.


Use Xenoglyphs you discover to decipher alien text and understand the history of the planet.

Ship Logs

Used to explore the lore of your time in Returnal.

Permanent Equipment

This is a list of gadgets and items that you keep even when you die


Xeno-Archives show you the historical events on Atropos visualised.

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