Resident Evil Village Trophy & Achievements

Resident Evil Village Trophy & Achievements

Resident Evil Village Trophy & Achievements is source of all the trophies and achievements there are to collect in the resident evil 8 game. To help you reach 100% completion make sure to check out the latest guides in our wiki.

Resident Evil Village RE8 Trophy & Achievements

A list of all the resident evil village RE8 trophies and achievements for the game


  • “Ethan Winters”: Obtain all trophies

Bronze Trophy List

  • “Role model dad”: Complete the story mode on easy or higher
  • “You’re strong dad”: Complete the story mode on normal or higher
  • “Creative”: Craft an item
  • “New customer”: Make a purchase at the Duke’s shop in story mode
  • “Lockpicker”: Pick a simple lock with a lockpick
  • “Restorer”: Combine parts of a treasure to obtain a complete form
  • Hunter“: Kill an animal in story mode
  • “Roll what a passion”: Complete a labyrinth
  • “I hate crows”: Kill 5 crows in story mode
  • When nature calls…“: Open the doors to all outhouses in the village in a single playthrough
  • “Air change!”: Break all possible windows in castle Dimitrescu in a single playthrough
  • “Social distancing”: Push an enemy away after parrying his attack in story mode
  • “Sniper”: Defeat an enemy from a long distance using a sniper rifle in story mode
  • “Three for the price of one”: Defeat at least three enemies with a single attack in story mode
  • “Cooked to a tee”: Set fire to a Moroaică in story mode
  • “Lightning reflexes”: Deviate a flaming arrow with a melee weapon in story mode
  • “Pack leader”: Defeat Alfa Vârcolac in story mode
  • “Photojournalist”: Use photo mode
  • “Luck seven”: Acquire exactly 777 Lei, 7.777 Lei, or 77.777 Lei in story mode
  • “Cartographer”: Complete the village map
  • Goat!“: Destroy a Goat of Wardings
  • Die goat!“: Destroy all Goats of Wardings
  • Gunsmith“: Personalize a weapon with a mod part
  • Kendo Approved“: Personalize all weapons with their respective mod parts in story mode
  • “Expert DIY”: Craft all types of available items in the create menu
  • Artisan“: Obtain all Carfting recipes items
  • “Bookworm”: Read all documents in story mode
  • “King of combos”: Reach a combo of at least 30 in Mercenaries mode

Silver Trophy List

  • “Dad of the year”: Complete the game on Extreme or higher
  • “Dad’s in a hurry!”: Complete the story in 3 hours or less
  • “Low cost travel”: Complete the story while spending no more than 10.000 Lei
  • “Legendary Mercenary”: Obtain an S rank or higher on all levels in Mercenaries mode
  • “Figurine collector”: View all character and weapon models in the bonus menu
  • “Art Collector”: View all concept art

Gold Trophy List

“Best dad in the world”: Complete the story mode on Village of Shadows difficulty

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