Resident Evil Village Beginners Tips

Resident evil village is a tough game at times and everyone from pros to beginners can make use of some awesome tips. We have compiled everything you need to know to make your playthrough of RE8 a smooth and enjoyable experience.

resident evil village tips

Resident Evil Village Beginners Tips

  • Explore Every Location thoroughly . Loot is in short supply and it can be found in all kinds of places, smash vases, look in toilets and anywhere else you can think of to get useful items like ammo.
  • Use The Map. The map has different colours to signify what areas you have explored and whats currently locked. You can also see blocked and hidden passage ways to explore.
  • Dont get into fights. This applies not only to lycans and other random enemies that pop up but to lady Dimitrescu and other lords you will randomly encounter. You will have to fight them at a pre determined point so no need to waste your health.
  • Increase The Visibility. Like many horror games, darkness adds to the atmosphere but it can also make finding things more difficult. Increase the screen brightness to help guide you around the village.
  • Use the Duke’s Emporium Smartly. Duke has a lot to offer, but spending lei on consumable that you dont need might come back to bite you when there are useful recipes to buy. So only get what you need and keep you money for the rarer and unique items.
  • Weapons Are KeyWeapons are the only line of defence between you and the undead who roam this village. But you wont get weapons handed to you on a silver platter. Be on the lookout for every weapon as you will probably need it.

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