Resident Evil Village Infinite Ammo (RE8)

Infinite ammo or unlimited ammo weapons are guns in resident evil village that never run out of ammunition and is basically a cheat way of playing the game, but it designed that way! This guide will let you know what they are and how to get them

Resident Evil Village Infinite Ammo (RE8) Resident Evil Village Infinite Ammo cheat

How To Get Infinite Ammo Weapons?

To get infinite ammo weapons you need to first complete the game, after that is complete you can replay the game but can buy infinite ammo weapons from the special store in game. In order to do this though you need to complete certain records or play mercenary mode but that cannot be done on your first playthrough.

How To The Weapons Work?

The weapons work like any other gun but with no ammo limit, you will still need to reload your guns like normal. Using the special weapons can affect ranking for your game and so if you want to get s+ rank then using the unlimited ammo is not gonna work, they are for playing the game for fun to steamroll through enemies.

Unlimited Ammo Weapons List

A list of all the unlimited weapons you can collect in resident evil village after you complete the game for the first time, these guns never run out of ammo, so are different from the standard RE8 guns.

  • Unlimited Handgun
  • Unlimited Shotgun (SPAS 12)
  • Unlimited SMG (Vz61)
  • Unlimited Assault Rifle (AK47U)


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