Resident Evil Village Goat Locations (RE8)

Resident Evil Village Goat Locations (RE8)

Resident Evil Village Goat Locations, goats of warding are collectible goats that you can shoot in RE8 to unlock several trophy and achievements. There are 20 to find throughout the game world and we have listed them below and each goat has a link to the location.

All 20 Goat of Warding Locations
All 20 Goat of Warding Locations

All 20 Goat of Warding Locations

The location of all 20 goats of warding needed to get the trophy and achievements, Cynic  – Destroy a Goat of Warding (Find 1 Goat) and Heretic  – Destroy all the Goats of Warding (Find all 20 Goats).

  1. Village Graveyard Goat: In a shrine, impossible to miss.
  2. Village Church Goat: On the church roof
  3. Village Fallow Plot Goat: on the left of the corn fields
  4. Village Vineyards Goat: Sitting in the snow
  5. Castle Dimitrescu Basement Goat: In the basement after climbing down the ladder following the statue puzzle
  6. Castle Dimitrescu Attic Goat: Directly behind you as you climb up the attic ladder
  7. Village Lone Road Goat: After the lady Dimitrescu you will encounter your first enemies, the goat is under the wooden stairs next to the drawbridge
  8. Village West Old Town Goat: Sitting on top of the missing owners hut
  9. Village Graveyard Goat: Go through the iron insignia gate and turn right to find it between the crypt building and the wall
  10. Village suspension bridge Goat: Look to the left to see the goat on another bridge
  11. House Beneviento Outside Goat: Follow the houses porch left to see a goat behind an iron fence
  12. First Windmill Goat: On the top deck (Crank Needed)
  13. Switch Platforms Goat: In the area where Moreau is trying to knock you into the water, the area with the 3 coloured switches, turn around to see the goat in the water.
  14. Village Moreau Area Goat: The area where you previously got a boat is now drained, head through the broken windmill and turn to the left for the goat.
  15. Village Otto’s Mill Goat: After the part that requires the Six-Winged Unborn key, dont head up the stairs, go left to auto’s mill, the goat is underneath.
  16. Stronghold Basement Goat: At the bottom of the spiral staircase before going through a crack in the wall.
  17. Factory Ventilation Duct Goat: After you shoot the fans blowing you around, the goat is on one of the excavator shovels.
  18. Factory Merchant Elevator Goat: An elevator that takes you from B1 to B3, the goat is on B2 and you can shoot it while riding the elevator.
  19. Factory Basement Goat: Control room after defeating strum
  20. The Last Goat: After the cutscene where Chris blows up megamycete, its located in a dark corner behind spikes

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