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Resident Evil Village All Treasure Locations (RE8)

Resident Evil Village All Treasure Boxes, these boxes are scattered around the maps and contain treasure for you to find in game. They are marked on the map however by Duke and contain either very valuable loot to sell or weapons. All of them can be collected at any time before the point of no return (The Factory) with the exception of Beneviento’s treasure, which is missable.

All Treasure Locations

All the locations of the treasure to be found in resident evil village. A video guide is shown for each of the locations.

Luiza’s Heirloom

  • Location: Chest in front of Luiza’s house
  • Reward: Necklace Stone (8000 Lei), Cesare’s Goblet (19,000 Lei)

Guide Coming Soon!

Beneviento’s Treasure (MISSABLE)

  • Location: Graveyard next to Beneviento house
  • Reward: Berengario’s Chalice (18,000 Lei)

Guide Coming Soon!

Waterwheel Weapon

  • Location: Building with locked Iron Insignia Key door in East Old Town
  • Reward: GM 79 Grenade Launcher or 20,000 Lei if you have the launcher

Guide Coming Soon!

Maestro’s Collection

  • Location: Luthier’s House in West Old Town
  • Reward: Steel Hraesvelgr (14,000 Lei),  F2 Rifle – High Capacity Mag or 10,000 Lei if you have it already.

Guide Coming Soon!

Moreau’s Hidden Weapon

  • Location: House at the end of crank locked door in Moreau’s Lab area
  • Reward: M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum or 30,000 Lei if you have the weapon

Guide Coming Soon!

Riverbank Treasure House

  • Location: Treasure room under castle reached using boat from Lone Road bridge
  • Reward: Golden Lady Statue (20,000 Lei)

Guide Coming Soon!

Cannibal’s Plunder

  • Location: Otto’s Mill after the miniboss in the locked room
  • Reward: Father Nichola’s Angel (22,000 Lei)

Guide Coming Soon!

Treasure Under the Stronghold

  • Location: Next room after obtaining the fourth flask
  • Reward: Guglielmo’s Plate (25,000 Lei)

Guide Coming Soon!

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