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Resident Evil Village All Recipes & Ingredients

Recipes are found at the Duke’s Emporium and can be purchased for lei in Resident Evil Village. Once acquired you can cook the recipes with ingredients that you collect from the game world and once done you will be rewarded with a permanent reward as shown in the image below.

Resident Evil Village All Recipes
Resident Evil Village All Recipes

Where To Get Recipes & Ingredients

The first 6 Recipes are cooking recipes and are found at the Duke’s Emporium and can be bought with the in game currency Lei. Once purchased you can use Duke’s Kitchen to cook the recipes with your own ingredients. Ingredients can be found throughout the village including from killing animals in game. Some of the animals you can find and the meat they drop is listed below.

  • Ram: Meat x2
  • Pig: Meat x1
  • Chicken: Poultry x1
  • Fish: Fish x1

The remaining recipes are all for crafting ammo and are purchased from vendors but more info can be found in out weapons guide.

Cooking Recipe Ingredients Locations

A list of all the recipes found in resident evil village, what ingredients are needed to cook them and the permanent reward given after you complete the recipe. All recipes are unlocked as soon as you unlock cooking at duke emporium.

  • Herbed Fish
    Ingredients Needed: Fish (3), Poultry (2)
    Cooking Reward: Health slightly increases permanently
  • Bird and Beast Pilaf
    Ingredients Needed: Poultry (4), Meat (1)
    Cooking Reward: Damage taken when guarding decreases permanently.
  • Three Flavoured Mititei
    Ingredients Needed: Health increases permanently
    Cooking Reward: Fish (4), Poultry (2), Meat (3)
  • Tochitura De Pui
    Ingredients Needed: Health greatly increases permanently
    Cooking Reward: Poultry (4), Meat(3), Juicy Game (1)
  • Coirba de Porc
    Ingredients Needed: Damage taken when guarding greatly decreases permanently
    Cooking Reward: Fish (1), Meat (5), Quality Meat (1)
  • Sarmale De Peste
    Ingredients Needed: Movement speed increases permanently
    Cooking Reward: Fish (6), Finest Fish (1)

Ingredient Locations (In Order)

A list of all the ingredients you can find in resident evil village in order that you come across them. IMPORTANT! do not sell any ingredients as you need them for recipes and also some are missable as noted below, so pick them up as you go along.

  • Fish x3 – Location: In the cave after leaving Castle Dimitrescu and going back to Village.
  • Fish x3 – Location: Pond beside bridge leading to Castle Dimitrescu
  • Poultry x2 – Location: Church Graveyard
  • Poultry x2 – Location: Dead end south of Fallow Plot
  • Quality Meat x1 – Location: Back yard of the house you went through while going to Luiza’s house during the story.
  • Meat x2 – Location: First house that you go past when you enter the village
  • Poultry x3 – Location: Yard of the house with the red chimney
  • Juice Game x1 – Location: Tree directly west of gate to Castle Dimitrescu
  • Meat x2 – Location: Yard south of Gardener’s House before House Beneviento
  • Meat x4 – Location: In front of windmill leading to the reservoir
  • Fish x3 – Location: In a side cave after the first boat ride in the reservoir
  • Poultry x2 – Location: Side path after pumphouse in the reservoir
  • Fish x4 – Location: Drained area where you first obtained the boat, after defeating Moreau
  • Poultry x2 – Location: Behind the mechanical door in East Old Town
  • Finest Fish x2 – Location: Small pond in south river
  • Meat x4 – Location: Directly in front of the gate leading to Castle Dimitrescu
  • Meat x2 – Location: Area before the entrance to Otto’s mill
  • Meat x3 Poultry x2 Fish x1 – Location: Room after mini-boss in Otto’s mill

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