Resident Evil Village All Puzzles & Codes (RE8)

Many secrets lye behind locked doors, secret passage ways and inside locked safes, fortunately we have cracked open every single unique puzzle and opened every door in resident evil village and listed the solution below for you to enjoy.

Resident Evil Village: All Secrets, Weapons & Collectibles
Resident Evil Village All Puzzles & Codes
Resident Evil Village All Puzzles & Codes

All Puzzles & Codes Lists In RE8

A list of all the puzzles in Resident Evil village and the codes for safes/doors and a video guide on how to solve all of these is listed below.

Hall of War Brazier

  • Location: Castle Dimitrescu, Hall of War
  • Solution: Use the burning brazier to unlock your path

Statues Puzzle

  • Location: Castle Dimitrescu, Hall of Ablution
  • Solution: face the statues in the right order

Piano Puzzle

  • Location: Castle Dimitrescu, Opera Hall
  • Solution: Press the piano keys in the right order

Bell Puzzle

  • Location: Castle Dimitrescu, Atelier
  • Solution: Shoot all 5 Bells

Dungeon Treasure Puzzle

  • Location: Castle Dimitrescu, Dungeon
  • Solution: Find the special chamber

Village Workshop Safe

  • Location: Village, Workshop (Safe)
  • Solution: Get the safe code 07-04-08.

House Beneviento Doll Puzzle

  • Location: House Beneviento, Doll Workshop.
  • Solution: examine the doll and get the keys and rings from it

House Beneviento Door Code

  • Location: House Beneviento Doll Workshop.
  • Solution: Find the door code

House Beneviento Music Box Cylinders Puzzle

  • Location: House Beneviento, Music Box Room.
  • Solution: Get the cylinders in the right order

House Beneviento Filmstrip Projector Puzzle

  • Location: House Beneviento, Doll Workshop & Study.
  • Solution: Use Tweezers on doll’s mouth to get the missing film strip and use the projector in the right order

House Beneviento Medallion Symbol Door Puzzle

  • Location: House Beneviento, Dolls Workshop.
  • Solution: Place the medallions in the right order

House Beneviento Breaker Box & Fuse Puzzle

  • Location: House Beneviento B1
  • Solution: fix the fuse box and power up the elevator

House Beneviento Donna and Angie Boss Fight

  • Location: House Beneviento
  • Solution: Find all 3 dolls located in the house

Sluice Gate Control Pattern

  • Location: Moreau Area (Sluice Gate Control Building)
  • Solution: Top Row = Blue, White, Orange / Middle Row = White, Orange, Black / Bottom Row = Orange, Blue, Blue.


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