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Redfall Weapons: All Legendary Guns, Stakes and Firearms

Redfall Weapons – Redfall, the upcoming first-person shooter game, has left fans wondering about the weapons they will be using to fight the game’s unique vampiric horde. From what we’ve seen in trailers, the game’s arsenal includes pistols, long-range rifles, machine guns, and even a stake launcher that takes the old stake-through-the-heart strategy to a new level.

Guns can also be customized, but the details on this are scarce. Each of the game’s four heroes will also wield unique equipment and abilities that aid them in battle, like Jacob’s cloaking device, Layla’s psychic umbrella, Devinder’s staff, and Remi’s robot companion. Melee attacks are also shown, with unique properties that burn the enemy from the inside out.

Redfall Weapons

Redfall Unrivaled Weapons List

The full Redfall Unrivaled Weapons list is as follows, plus how I acquired them although weapon drops are random for most of them.

Assault Rifles

  • Morrigan




  • Causeway
  • Grim Tide – complete Dead In The Water

Sniper Rifles


Stake Launchers

  • Sawfish
  • Snipe Hunter
  • Stake Launcher M02

UV-Light Emitters

  • UV Beam M01

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