Rainbow Six Siege Iana and Oryx Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Iana and Oryx

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1 is releasing soon and its called Operation Void Edge.  The first update of 2020 will include a rework of the Oregon map and 2 brand new operators called Iana and Oryx.  

Iana is an attacker boasting a new holographic clone that distracts, confuses and defends your team.  Oryx a defender with super strength allowing him to destroy walls, knock over enemies and defend his allies.

The Rainbow Six Siege Iana and Oryx guide will give you all the gameplay, gadgets and stas for the two new operators.  Check out the guide below for all the details.

Rainbow Six Siege Iana and Oryx Guide

Operator Iana

The new Dutch attacker, Iana, can create a holographic duplicate of herself (which reflects any cosmetic customization so as to be even more convincing). Upon activation of her Gemini Replicator gadget, she spawns and controls the hologram from a first-person perspective. The hologram moves and sounds like her, making it difficult for Defenders to tell which Iana is real and which is the hologram. The hologram can’t shoot, melee, or use secondary gadgets, but it’s a powerful tool of deception that can keep the Defenders guessing.

Name: Nienke Meijer
Origin: Katwijc, Netherlands
Gadget: Gemini Replicator
Stats: Speed 2 / Armour 2
Primary Weapon: ARX200 Assault Rifle / G36-C Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon: MK1 9mm Handgun
Equipment: Frag Grenade / Smoke Grenade

Operator Oryx

Oryx is the new Jordanian defender who doesn’t use a traditional gadget, per se. Instead, he can perform his Remah Dash to sprint short distances and cover ground alarmingly fast. Even more alarming is that his Remah Dash allows him to smash through breakable walls (while taking a small amount of damage) and to knock down opponents (including towering shield-bearer Montagne). His strength is so formidable that he can also climb up through open hatches to extend his mobility even further.

Name: Saif Al Hadid
Origin: Azraq, Jordan
Gadget: Remah Dash
Stats: Speed 2 / Armour 2
Primary Weapon: SPAS-12 Shotgun / MP5 Submachine Gun
Secondary Weapon: Bailiff 410 Handgun / VSP40 Handgun
Equipment: Barbed Wire / Bulletproof Camera

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