Rainbow Six Siege Ash Elite Set

Rainbow Six Siege Ash Elite Set

Rainbow Six Siege Ash Elite Set

Tomb raider has infiltrated Rainbow Six Siege with a new Lara Croft skin set.  The Rainbow Six Siege Ash Elite Set adds a new skin for Ash as part of the upcoming year 5 content operation Void Edge

The new skin can be seen in the teaser trailer below which also shows Ash dual wield, a feature currently not in the game but is a long topic of debate.  We will have to wait for Y5S1 to launch before we find out any more details.

Rainbow Six Siege Ash Elite Set Details

Ash Elite Set Info

This will be an elite skin set meaning it will cost plenty of R6 credits, although the exact price is not yet confirmed.

Ash Elite Set Content

  • Victory Animation
  • Tomb Raider Uniform
  • M120 Crem Breaching Rounds and Launcher Gadget Skin
  • G36C, R4C, M45 Meusoc and 5.7 USG Weapons Skins
  • Elite Ash Lara Croft Chibi Charm


The new tomb raider skins are the first crossover content seen in the franchise so far, but with such a big fan base.  Its surprising we haven’t seen promotional content from other big brands before.

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