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Quests and Side Quests List and Walkthrough – Starfield

In Starfield, missions take center stage, serving as the foundation of gameplay. As expected from a Bethesda Game Studios creation, missions play a pivotal role in this space exploration RPG. As the studio’s most ambitious project to date, players are bound to have questions. This guide aims to answer them and shed light on the intricacies of Starfield missions.

Unveiling Starfield Mission Details

Starfield missions are a crucial component of the gameplay experience. Given that this is Bethesda Game Studios’ magnum opus, players are sure to have inquiries about how these missions function. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into all the known Starfield missions and explore the mechanics of missions in this expansive universe.

As the Starfield release date approaches, we anticipate discovering more about the in-game quests. Therefore, it’s recommended to revisit this guide for updated information.

Main Questline List

Below, you’ll find a list of the main Starfield story missions that have been unveiled thus far:

Mission NameMission DescriptionMission Rewards
One Small Step
The Old Neighborhood
The Empty Nest
Back to Vectera
Into the Unknown
All That Money Can Buy
Further Into the Unknown
Short Sighted
No Sudden Moves
High Price to Pay
In Their Footsteps
Final Glimpses
Missed Beyond Measure
One Giant Leap

While details about the main campaign are currently limited, we can speculate that players will earn substantial experience points (XP), in addition to acquiring diverse Starfield weapons and armor as they progress through the primary questline.

Quests and Side Quests List and Walkthrough - Starfield Missions and Side Missions List and Walkthrough Starfield

Faction Questline List

This section outlines the known Starfield side missions:

Mission NameMission DescriptionMission Rewards
Ryujin Industries QuestlineJoin Ryujin Industries Unknown
Freestar Rangers QuestlineJoin the Freestar RangersUnknown
Constellation QuestlineJoin ConstellationUnknown
Crimson Fleet QuestlineJoin the Crimson FleetUnknown
UC Vanguard QuestlineJoin the UC VanguardUnknown

Side Questline List

This section outlines the known Starfield side missions or terminal missions:

Mission NameMission DescriptionMission Rewards
Failure to CommunicateUnknownUnknown
Friends Like TheseUnknownUnknown
Further Into the UnknownUnknownUnknown
The Best There IsUnknownUnknown
The Old NeighborhoodUnknownUnknown

Although information regarding side missions remains limited, it’s reasonable to expect that some of these quests will come from Starfield companions, while others will be tied to specific factions within the game. These missions will be scattered across various locations, with major planets like Jemison and Mars likely offering an abundance of engaging side quests.

Deciphering Starfield Quest Mechanics

Quests in Starfield function similarly to previous Bethesda titles. Players initiate quests by interacting with NPCs and subsequently completing objectives. While some quests may consist of straightforward objectives, others may involve multiple steps and tasks, especially within major questlines.

Rewards from quests are expected to vary. Experience points will be a common reward, contributing to character advancement. Additionally, most quests are likely to offer Starfield credits, a valuable in-game currency.

There are three distinct mission types in Starfield: main missions, side missions, and ambient missions. Main missions advance the central storyline, while side missions contribute to world-building and exploration, offering substantial rewards.

Diving into the Unknown: Ambient Missions

Amid Starfield’s vast array of over 1000 planets, procedural generation plays a vital role. Upon landing on procedurally generated planets, players will encounter ambient quests, repeatable missions, and quests with varying degrees of diversity, all following a common structure. These quests enrich the gameplay experience, particularly on less prominent worlds, reminiscent of the repeatable Dark Brotherhood assassination quests in Skyrim.

Quests and Side Quests List and Walkthrough - Starfield Quests and Side Quests List and Walkthrough Starfield

Navigating the Starfield Universe

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Starfield missions. As you prepare to embark on your cosmic journey, ensure you’re acquainted with the Starfield character creator and have an understanding of the game’s length. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be ready to delve into the action-packed world of Starfield.

Quantifying Mission Quantity

The exact number of missions in Starfield remains undisclosed. However, considering the estimated length of the game, players can anticipate encountering hundreds of diverse quests throughout their gameplay.

Embarking on the First Quest

The inaugural mission in Starfield, titled “One Small Step,” serves as the opening chapter of the main campaign. This mission introduces players to the universe’s mysteries as they venture to Kreet and uncover a remarkable artifact.

Prepare for an unparalleled space exploration adventure in Starfield, where missions define your journey and mysteries await your discovery.

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