Borderlands 3 – Quasar Legendary Grenade Guide

Quasar Legendary Grenade
Quasar Legendary Grenade

The Quasar Legendary Grenade is a unique Hyperian item with a smaller damage stat but very big radius effect. When thrown the grenade will teleport to its destination before exploding.

Here is everything you need to know about the Quasar Legendary Grenade in Borderlands 3

How to Get the Quasar Legendary Grenade

The Quasar Legendary Grenade can be found as a random loot drop in the game world. Enemies, bosses, loot stashes, caches and more all have a chance to give you the grenade.

Hippity Hopper Legendary Grenade Stats

  • Tesla – +56% to deal shock damage which releases arcs of electricity that chain to nearby enemies and pulls them in for a few seconds.
  • Longbow – Will teleport to its destination before exploding.
  • Quasar
  • All Other stats on the item are Randomised

All Legendary Weapon Info

  • Damage Stat: The weapons damage, and elemental damage is not a fixed number. The damage on any weapon is based on weapon rolls and character level.
  • White Text: These are your weapon rolls, they are variables that change weapon to weapon and you will need to farm legendaries until you find one with your preferred stats, such as extra critical hit damage etc.
  • Elemental Damage: Any gun is capable of having an elemental effect, the ability is randomised for weapons.
  • Red Text: Fire that off to me real quick.
  • Yellow Text: Some weapons have a yellow text, which means its anointed, the anointed attribute will be displayed at the bottom.

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