Pyotr BORIS Guskovsky

This page contains all the details of the Specialist Pyotr BORIS Guskovsky in BF2042

Pyotr Boris Guskovsky


  • SG-36 Sentry Gun – Automatically spots and engages enemy targets detected within a certain area.
  • Sentry Operator – Spots the enemy target when the sentry gun locks on to the enemy in question.


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  • Coming Soon



Self-motivated and self-fulfilling, Boris seeks to acquire power and control in a chaotic world. While his leadership skills may be a bit aggressive to some, there is no denying his skills in the field. 

This Russian-born Engineer is a very experienced weapons expert on the Task Force, particularly when it comes to defensive tactics, although his true attachment to the team is suspect. Nevertheless, Boris is trusted to get the job done, albeit with maximum collateral damage.

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