PUBG Xbox New Map Being Added For Season 6

The next PUBG update will bring a new season that is rumoured to include a brand new map.  A PUBG Xbox New Map was revealed by the official PUBG twitter account and looks to be a new 2×2 island map located in the Mediterranean sea close to Tunisia. 


PUBG Xbox New Map

Season 6 is arriving next week on PC and on Console in two weeks time (January 30th) with season 5 ending this week.  The new map is expected to feature in the test server on PC in the next few days.

PUBG Xbox New Map Being Added For Season 6 PUBG new map jamila

One of the key features of the map, rumuored to be called Jamila (arabic for Beautiful) is destructable environments.  This feature is possibly seen in one of the teaser images where the walls look deteriorated .  The image shows soldiers, possibly soviet, based on the flak jacket design and AK’s, shooting through a wall.

PUBG Xbox New Map Being Added For Season 6 PUBG Xbox season 6


Another potential upcoming feature being added in season 6 shakedown (Rumoured name) is C4.  In a twitter post earlier today the official PUBG account posted a picture of C4 with the message if you can hear it tick, its already too late.  The tweet was quickly deleted but the feature is almost certainly being added soon.


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