pubg xbox season 5

PUBG Xbox and PS4 October Update Announced In Season 5 Trailer!

The next update to PUBG console is arriving soon with the announcement of the season 5 for the ...
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PUBG Update 5.1

PUBG Season 5 Revealed and New PC Update Patch Notes

PUBG Season 5 has been announced, showing off some of the new upcoming features including, mirimar rebalance, improved ...
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PUBG Console Hotfix Reverts Changes to Sound Made in Previous Update

In the last update to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds for Xbox and PlayStation 4, we saw the first stages of ...
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PUBG Skill Based Matchmaking

PUBG Testing Out Skill Based Matchmaking

Skill Based Matchmaking is being tested out right now on PUBG PC to see if it improves players ...
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pubg update

The latest PUBG UPDATE for Xbox & PS4 Out Now – Patch Notes!

The latest PUBG Update for console is out right now! Im going over the new update notes to ...
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PUBG PTS Update Adds Crossplay to Xbox and PS4

The latest PUBG console update adds crossplay and other new features to the PTS before going to the ...
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PUBG Halloween 2019 Skins are coming

PUBG Halloween 2019 Skins are coming

Halloween skins will become available when Patch 4.3 hits the live server on PC. The skins will presumably ...
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PUBG new weapon DBS shotgun

PUBG Console Adding A New Weapon The DBS Shotgun

The next PUBG console update for Xbox and PS4 will include plenty of shotgun related changes, including a ...
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PUBG Survival Mastery System

PUBG Survival Mastery System Details and Next PUBG Console Update!

PUBG has added a new survival mastery system to game on PC, which will be arriving on PS4 ...
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pubg console season 4

PUBG Console Season 4 Out Now!

PUBG Console Season 4 Adds New Visual Changes! The PUBG console season 4 update is out now, including ...
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