PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details

The PUBG Fantasy BR Event details is a fun new April fools event that adds something a bit different to PUBG. Take on players with new medieval classes, abilities and weapons.

The event is just a bit of fun using existing in game resources without taking away from future update progress, however the event is also being used to test out some new features like crafting.

PUBG Fantasy BR Event details

PUBG Xbox Update: Fantasy BR Event Details – Play as A Barbarian, Wizard, Ranger or Paladin

PUBG Fantasy BR Rules

  • Fantasy BR takes place on the Dragon’s Isle (Erangel)
  • TPP only, 20 Squads of 4 (maximum of 80 players per match)
  • Fantasy BR does not support 1 man or 3 man squad but will automatically find suitable companions for you
  • Friendly fire is disabled (unless we’re talking the mendingstar and heal bomb, which are the friendliest fire of all)
  • Fantasy BR does not grant XP rewards but BP is earned based on your total gameplay time
  • Fantasy BR matches don’t count towards the Survivor Pass. However, there are separate Fantasy BR exclusive missions
    • Complete Fantasy BR exclusive missions to earn special Fantasy BR mode rewards
    • Please refer to the ‘Fantasy Battle Royale Exclusive Systems’ section for more details

Class Selection & Starting Out

PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details 3
  • After matchmaking completes, players will be asked to select a class to play before flying to the Dragon’s Isle
    • The Class select screen is automatically shown and may be brought back up using the F8 key
    • There are no class limits, so get creative with your party! (Just remember you’ll be sharing loot if you double, triple, or quadruple up on classes!)
  • First circle will be displayed before you jump
    • Blue Zone will move faster and deal more damage in Fantasy BR than in normal matches! Be careful!

Fantasy Battle Royale Classes

Barbarian Class

PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details 4

The fearsome Barbarian is a melee combatant with high HP who uses his rage to increase his movement speed. Swinging his Kick Ash Longsword in a wide arc in front of them, they gain additional movement speed with each successful attack on an enemy.

Barbarians also produce Mega Energy Drinks, which can be used to recover large amounts of HP over time. Although he doesn’t have any other special attacks or skills, his fast movement speed makes him the best suited to chase down squishy opponents and show them the business end of his weapon.

Ranger Class

PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details 5

The Ranger is a long-ranged sniper equipped with the deadly ‘Dragonslayer’ crossbow, capable of firing multiple shots in succession. With a long range and high attack damage, she is a formidable opponent, other than her rather low amount of HP.

Ranger’s utilize stealth to emit no movement sounds, making them the perfect sneak attack class. The Ranger brings utility to the fight as well with their Flash Powder grenades that temporarily blinds enemies and decreases the damage allies receive.

Wizard Class

PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details 6

Wizards are heavy damage dealers who rain down fire on groups of enemies at once. Whether firing 2 consecutive blasts from their wands, dropping a powerful Fireball spell, or calling meteor showers from the sky, Wizards always have something fiery and explosive to pull out of their arsenal.

Keep your allies close though, as the Wizard has the lowest HP of any class and make a delightful squishing sound that Barbarians find irresistible.

Paladin Class

PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details 7

The Paladin is the key healing class in Fantasy Battle Royale. Healing allies with their Mendingstar and blocking incoming attacks with their Brooklyn Shield, the Paladin is right at home protecting the weak.

The Paladin’s Mendingstar serves two functions; healing allies it strikes or dealing damage to and slowing down enemies. The Paladin’s Shield Charge can also knock away enemies who get too close to his party.

Paladins also regularly produce First Aid Kits that can be given to allies or toss a ‘Heal Bomb’ to create an AoE healing zone, but be warned that this zone can also heal enemies!

One slight hitch though, maybe it’s because of their heavy armor or the fact that they have no free hands, but Paladins cannot ledge grab and may have to find more creative ways to keep up with their team.

Fantasy BR Changes

Ye Olde Chicken Dinner

  • Just like traditional Battle Royale, the last surviving squad is the winner


  • Fantasy BR has its own set of world spawn items, which mostly include crafting materials
  • No weapons, ammo, throwables, boosts, or equipment will spawn
    • Bandages will still spawn in the world


PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details 8
  • Only the Noble Steed (motorcycle) and Dragon Wagon (UAZ) spawn in Fantasy BR
  • Vehicles are slower and have lower durability than in normal BR to keep fights more focused on class warfare

Care Packages

PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details 9
  • Care Packages are dropped more often in Fantasy BR and are be marked on the map for all players
  • Care Packages can contain the Zircon, a powerful gem used to upgrade your gear to Lv.5
  • Using the interaction key (F) on Care Packages grants a temporary invincibility buff
    • The Buff lasts for 30 seconds, making you immune to all damage

Fantasy Battle Royale Exclusive Systems

Character Equipment

In Fantasy Battle Royale, players start the game with a class-specific weapon, necklace, and ring equipped. These items are exclusive to your character and cannot be dropped or traded.

Some classes have ammo and special skills that they can use. These are automatically refilled in specific intervals depending on the levels of your equipment. There is a cap to how many of each you can hold, so make sure to use em if you got em!

Item Crafting

PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details 10
  • Picking up crafting materials allows you to upgrade your weapon and gear
    • Use the right mouse button on components in the inventory screen to start crafting
PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details 11
  • Class Weapons, Necklaces, and Rings can be upgraded to Lv.4 using class-specific gems found throughout the world
    • Loot crystals can be dropped for your teammates, so grab everything you see!
  • To raise your equipment to Lv.5, you will need to find a Zircon
    • The Zircon is a crystal that spawns very rarely across the map.
    • Care Packages will always contain a Zircon

Fantasy BR Exclusive Missions and Store

PUBG Fantasy BR Event Details 12
  • There are new Fantasy Battle Royale Missions to complete, which earn you costume set pieces or a special event currency called Gold
  • A total of 8 costume sets can be earned or purchased during this event, 2 costume sets per class
    • The first set of skins is earned by completing missions and spending your Gold in the Fantasy Battle Royale store
      • Alternatively, these sets may be purchased in the normal in-game store for $9.99/set if you who do not wish to earn them
    • The second set of skins can be purchased in the normal in-game store using BP
    • All unlocked Fantasy Battle Royale skins are permanent and can be used in normal PUBG games!


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