PUBG Fantasy BR Classes & Abilities

PUBG Fantasy BR Classes & Abilities

The PUBG Fantasy BR Classes & Abilities guide will show you all of the classes available in the new PUBG April fools day event and all of the abilities of each class.

Each class has unique skills some of which are passive and others can be upgraded with loot crystal found in the games loot pool across the dragon isle. Use these to upgrade your abilities in game and then find zircon crystals to max the abilities out.

The event is from April 1st to April 7th and adds a not too serious fantasy element to the game that includes test features like crafting. Here are the 4 main classes and their abilities.

PUBG Fantasy BR Classes & Abilities

Barbarian Class

Barbarian Class Abilities

kick ash longsword 

The barbarian has his kick ash longsword a serrated longsword that swings wide and true.

Necklace of Fury

Increase Max HP by 35.  Successful attacks grant an addition 20% speed boost.  Generates 1 Mega Energy drink every 60 seconds.

Ring of Swiftness

Increase Movement speed by 5%

Ranger Class

Ranger Class Abilities

The Dragon Slayer

A deadly crossbow with a full auto function


A ranged spell that blinds enemies and reduces allies melee damage received for a short time.

Everstar Necklace

Increase max HP by 8.  Increase reload speed by 25%.  Generates 1 light spell every 40 seconds.

Ring of the elves

Generates 1 bolt every 7 seconds (Max6).  Grants stealth (footsteps make no sound)

Wizard Class

Wizard Class Abilities

Wand of Blasting

A weapon that shoots explosive projectiles in an arc.  A lot of fun this one.


A ranged spell that creates an area of fire on the ground dealing damage over time.

Meteor Shower

A ranged spell that bombards the marked area with a powerful explosion.

Ring of Fire

Generates 1 fireball spell every 30 seconds (Max 1)  Generates 1 Meteor Shower spell every 140 seconds.

Arcane Necklace

Increase Max HP by 8.  Generates 1 wand projectile every 15 seconds (Max 4).

Paladin Class

Paladin Class Abilities


A weapon that slows the movement speed of enemies and heals allies.  This is a cool one if you are fighting with a team mate agains other players because you can wildly swing and whether you hit the enemy or your friends it gives you something good.

Brookly Shield

A weapon that provides a defence against long distance attacks and can be used to push back enemies.

Heal bomb

A range spell that creates an area of effect that heals all adventurers inside it, including enemies.

Ring of Light

Reduces melee damage received by 10%.  Reduces knockdown recovery time by 40%.

Generates one heal bomb spell every 40 seconds ( Max 1)

Necklace of empathy

Increase max HP by 50.  Generates 1 first aid kit every 50 seconds (Max 2)

Increased movement speed by 3%

This latest PUBG update does not use up any extra resources as it uses still already in game. The next normal PUBG updates is still scheduled as normal for this month.

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