PUBG Console Hotfix Reverts Changes to Sound Made in Previous Update

In the last update to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for Xbox and PlayStation 4, we saw the first stages of the Sound Improvement plan. However, because of persistent bugs and issues to footsteps and sound, the devs are reverting all the changes made in the previous update with a hotfix today.

PUBG Console Hotfix Reverts Changes to Sound Made in Previous Update DEV MAIN

PUBG Hotfix

Announced on twitter earlier today, here is what the tweet said:

Console Players: Live servers will undergo maintenance for 4 hours on Oct 9 10pm PDT / Oct 10 7am CEST.

During this time, a hotfix will be applied to revert the footstep and sound changes implemented in Update 4.3.

What’s Being Changed in the Hotfix

Here are all of the changes made to Pubg console in the last update.

  • Footstep sounds volume and attenuation have been re-balanced.
  • Footstep sounds will be more drastically reduced when players move to the outer limit of footstep audible range.
  • Sound has been changed appropriately when getting into shallow water like puddles.
  • Added a new song to the jukebox.
  • New song will replace the existing song.
  • Different sound effects are played when landing from falling, dependent to the surface material type.
  • Reduced the volume of straw mats being destroyed.
  • Made improvements to the ledge-grab sound effects.
  • Reduced the volume of the Red Zone.
  • For more information on the sound improvement plans, please go to the following link: “Dev Letter – Sound Improvement Plan

The hotfix to PUBG Console is a temporary one and the devs will be looking to fix the issues and apply them with an update to the game, rather than removing these sound improvements permanently.


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