PUBG Bluehole Mode, PS4 Event, Awesome Holiday Skins and More Coming to Xbox/PS4

PUBG Bluehole Mode

The latest PUBG update to PUBG labs will add a new event called Bluehole mode, a new system designed to prevent campers in game.  Also new PS4 gifts will be given to any player who logs in to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of PUBG PS4.  Finally new Holiday and Christmas themed skins are available.

PUBG Bluehole Mode Details

Land, loot, and camp in the circle for the rest of the match no more. Circle squatters that felt safe not to engage the enemy will now be forced to keep it moving as a second Blue Zone is being added to the existing circle.

The new “Inner Blue Zone” will be both a camping deterrent and an indicator of where the next circle will be. You can find complete details on the rules of the new Blue Zone dynamics below. The Bluehole mode will be available from December 5th 11pm – December 8th 11pm in PUBG Labs. PUBG Labs is a space where we introduce to you experimental in-game features and collect your feedback to perfect them as permanent game additions.

The most important for PUBG Labs is your valuable opinions! Please feel free to let our Community Managers know about what you think from your experience. Now, head for that Inner Blue Zone and show us “what you goin’, what you goin’ do” – when they come for you.


Why was it made?

  • Players didn’t know where the next circle would be, so whoever was lucky enough to be in the next circle had a higher chance of winning
  • As the next circle location was unknown, players could often find themselves fighting with the Blue Zone more than their foes and have to hoof it the entire match.


  • An inner Blue Zone will now appear from the start of the match until the penultimate phase
  • The inner Blue Zone will be the same size/location as the next circle
  • It will be difficult for players to camp in the inner Blue Zone as they will take damage (same damage as the next phase Blue Zone)

PUBG Bluehole Mode, PS4 Event, Awesome Holiday Skins and More Coming to Xbox/PS4 bluehole2bluehole-pubg-labs


  • Another Blue Zone the “Inner Blue Zone” appears inside the safe zone. (Except the final phase)
  • The Inner Blue Zone is the same size/position as the safe zone that will proceed it.
  • The damage of the Inner Blue Zone is the same as that of the next Blue Zone phase.
  • Item spawn rate is 0.5x higher than public matches.
  • Faster revives, with a 4 second DBNO revive timer.

PUBG Bluehole Mode, PS4 Event, Awesome Holiday Skins and More Coming to Xbox/PS4 bluehole3

  • Period: Dec 5 11pm PST – Dec 8 11pm PST
  • Perspective: TPP/FPP
  • Mode: 4-man Squad
  • Map: Erangel
  • Maximum Player: 64
  • How to join: Click the banner on the left bottom above the ‘START’ button

PUBG PS4 Anniversary Event

On December 7, 2018, we launched PUBG on PlayStation 4. It was a huge effort across the entire team at PUBG, and it’s hard to believe that one year has already flown by. We are so thankful for the love and support that we have received from our PS4 community, and to commemorate this past year of all of YOUR amazing plays, frags, and chicken dinners, we have a special login event prepared for you.

PLAYERUNKNOWN SetPUBG Bluehole Mode, PS4 Event, Awesome Holiday Skins and More Coming to Xbox/PS4 1 1

  • Log into the game to redeem the PLAYERUNKNOWN Set!
  • Login Period:
    • UTC: December 6, 2019 00:00 ~ December 9, 2019 23:59
    • PST: December 5, 2019 16:00 ~ December 9, 2019 15:59
    • CET: December 6, 2019 01:00 ~ December 10, 2019 00:59

PUBG Bluehole Mode

Year One SCAR-L

PUBG Bluehole Mode, PS4 Event, Awesome Holiday Skins and More Coming to Xbox/PS4 2

  • Log into the game to redeem the SCAR-L Year One skin!
  • Login Period:
    • UTC: December 10, 2019 00:00 ~ January 9, 2020 23:59
    • PST: December 9, 2019 16:00 ~ January 9, 2020 15:59
    • CET: December 10, 2019 01:00 ~ January 10, 2020 00:59


We hope you enjoy these skins as a token of our thanks to you. See you on the battlegrounds!


PUBG Holiday Skins

Holiday Skins available for a limited time are:

  • Festive Wish Sweater
    • PC: $2.99
    • Console: 300 G-Coin
  • Ginger Bread Onesie
    • PC: $7.99
    • Console: 800 G-Coin
  • Peace on Earth – Kar98k
    • PC: $9.99
    • Console: 1,000 G-Coin
  • Ginger Bread Mask
    • PC/Console: 10,000BP
  • Yule Scarf
    • PC: $0.99
    • Console: 100 G-Coin
  • North Pole Operator Pants
    • PC: $2.99
    • Console: 300 G-Coin
  • Peppermint Presents Set
    • PC: $9.99
    • Console: 1000 G-Coin


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