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PSO2 How to Unlock Sub Class

PSO2 How to Unlock Sub Class

PSO2 How to unlock Sub Class.  In Phantasy Star Online 2 you start with a main class but you can also equip a sub class to combine skills and abilities with, however the sub classes are not available until you complete the client order for it that includes things such as defeating Garongo.

PSO2: How To Unlock Your Sub Class - Where to Find Garongo & Fodran

PSO2 How to Unlock Sub Class Guide

How to Unlock Subclasses

Unlock the sub class by talking to Cofy in the Gate area to start the mission Sub class Permit trial.  This mission requires you to kill 2 monsters as an objective found in two different locations.  After completing you are rewarded with your sub class licence.

Enemy locations

pso2 Garongo

Garongo is located in the forest exploration, in the second zone on the right as you start.

Fodran is near the end of the Volcanic Caves exploration and is quite easy to miss, spawning beside lots of other enemies in the lava falls.


Equipping A Subclass

To equip the subclass after you finish the client order, head on over to the classes counter and select the option to pick a class and the new subclass option will be available.

PSO2 How to Unlock Sub Class

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