PSO2 How To Boost Elements On Your Favourite Gear

PSO2 How To Boost Elements

PSO2 How to boost elements on your favourite gear.  In Phantasy Star Online 2 many weapons and gear items have elemental effects on them, fire damage for example.  In game you can combine two pieces of gear with the same element effect on them to boost the effect.

PSO2 How To Boost Elements Guide

Where to Boost Element

The element boost is done the exact same way as enhancing an item with a small change.  Talk to the Item Scientists DUDU in the shopping district and enhance item.  To enhance the element you need to select two items with the same element equipped on them.

PSO2 How To Boost Elements

How to Boost Elements

In the video above I enhanced a double saber with with light level 15 on it with a second double saber with Light Level 15.  This created a more powerful double saber with light level 30 on it.

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