Parkour Armor (Traversal Set) – Far Cry 6

Parkour Armor (Traversal Set) – Far Cry 6

A complete gear and armor guide for the Parkour Armor Set or Traversal set in Far Cry 6. Including how to get all pieces, abilities and more.

Parkour Armor (Traversal Set) - Far Cry 6 Parkour Armor 1
Parkour Armor

How To Get

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The Parkour Armors make up the traversal set and there are 5 pieces to collect

  • Head Gear – Parkour Cap
  • Chest Gear – Parkour Hoodie
  • Leg Gear – Parkour Shorts
  • Foot Gear –
  • Wrist Gear – Parkour Strap

Set Ability

  • Marathon Runner – Improves maximum stamina
  • Catch Your Breath – Improves Stamina Recovery
  • Parkour Rush – Greatly improves move speed after sliding
  • Pick it Up – Improves move speed while weapons are holstered


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