Outriders Tips For Beginners

Outriders Tips For Beginners

Outriders Tips For Beginners – There are tons useful tips, tricks and hints that can help you get the most of of your time in Outriders. From getting the best gear, secret controls and defeating tough bosses. This is a list of all the best tips and tricks in Outriders to help you out.

Outriders Tips For Beginners

Quality of Life

  1. You can auto loot by pressing down on the dpad on xbox.  There is no limit on how far away you can loot from so long as you don’t enter a new area, this means you can loot chests in groups to do it quicker.
  2. You can change the rarity of what you will auto loot in the options menu.
  3. You can make your helmet invisible in the options menu.
  4. You can bring up the map on PlayStation by swiping the touchpad left.  The skills menu up and the class menu right.

Classes, Skills, Abilities

  • Pick a class that suits your playstyle, the trickster and devastator are aimed at rushing enemies and survivability, close range and mid-range with their skill trees promoting assault and shotguns.  The pyro and Technomancer are aimed at mid to longer ranges where you can rush enemies with the right skills equipped using assault weapons but there’s no shame running for cover and picking off enemies with a sniper.
  • Also pick a build that suits your ability if you’re not the best at aiming, the Technomancer might not be the best option where snipers are a great choice for that build.  Of course, it is possible to play any style with any character if you want to play shotguns with the techno it’s possible, but you need to get the right skills and mods first and so is not the best beginner build.
  • when using a throwable skill, like grenades or turrets, holding the skill button brings up a throwing arc so you know where it will land.
  • stronger enemies have abilities, and you can interrupt them with the right skill, check your ability menu to see which skills interrupt an enemy.
  • Melee attacks work as an interrupt skill for all classes.
  • Melee attacks inflict your classes element, for example pyromancer melee attacks inflict burn.
  • The pyromancer can use their abilities through walls.
  • The skills tree can be reset at any time to change your playstyle.

Exploration & Gameplay

  • Whenever a grenade is thrown at you, make sure to quickly roll out of the way.
  • If the current game is too tough you can manually lower the world tier until your build is stronger or you get better gear.
  • every missions and side mission has loot chests hidden in them and some have journal entries to collect.
  • you can replay previous parts of the story by selecting a previous point in the lobby, doing so will also reset any chests you previously opened but mission rewards won’t be reset.
  • Rolling is slightly quicker than sprinting to get around.
  • Hitting an enemy’s weak spot is an instant critical hit.
  • to mark an enemy all you have to do is hit them with a skill and they will be marked for a short time.

Weapons, Armors, Mods, Crafting

  • Don’t always just equip the highest-level gear, make sure to pick ones with mods that benefit your current abilities to get the most out of them, the right mods can make your character twice as good.
  • You can mark items to quickly dismantle or sell things quickly.
  • Dismantling weapons gives you iron for crafting, dismantling armor gives you leather.  Dismantling also gives you shards needed for improving specific attributes.
  • Items with a little grid square attached means you already have that mod unlocked for crafting already.
  • Items with a red box mean you already have that mod equipped.
  • the little red square means you already have that mod equipped and it doesn’t stack.  Meaning if you equip two pieces of armor with the same mod you will only get the effect from one of the mods so you should equip something else.  For example, here the blighted rounds offer 40% damage back as healing and I already have this equipped if I added this mod to another piece of equipment, I wouldn’t get 80% back as healing as the mods don’t stack so it would be pointless to equip this mod again.
  • Dismantling a weapon or armor piece with a mod attached unlocks that mod for crafting.
  • Your stash in game is shared between characters including your weapons and armors.
  • Mods don’t share between characters and can’t be stored in your Stache; however, you can technically add a mod to a weapon and then add it to your stash and then access it on another character.
  • Legendary weapons can be upgraded so you only need to find them once, although upgrading them will be resource intensive.
  • Legendary items can be found by anything that gives loot, from chests to regular grunt enemies.  Of course, tougher enemies like elites and bosses have a higher drop chance.

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