Outriders Resources and Crafting Materials

Outriders Resources and Crafting Materials – A guide to all the different types of resources, materials and crafting items in game and how to get them. In this guide we will go over scrap, leather, iron, titanium, anomaly shards and drop pod resources. These are a list of all the resources in Outriders, what they do and how to get them.

Outriders Resources and Crafting Materials

Scrap – is a currency used for buying items. You can gain it by killing enemies or completing quests and selling items to vendors.

Leather, Iron, and Titanium are crafting resources

Leather – can be obtained by killing hostile animals and dismantling pieces of armor.

Iron – is found by harvesting Ore veins and dismantling weapons.

Titanium – is granted by dismantling Epic and Legendary items. It sometimes drops from tougher enemies and ore veins.

Anomaly Shards – are used for raising bonus attributes though crafting. Each attribute has its own crystal pool. You can gain anomaly shards by dismantling items. A crystal icon next to an attribute in the item description shows which types of anomaly shards you will receive upon dismantling.

Drop Pod Resources – are received for finishing expeditions and are spent for entering the Inner Ring, the Final Expedition or buying items and resources.

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