Outriders: What’s The Best Technomancer Build For Beginners?

Outriders Best Technomancer Build – Each class in outriders is different with different skills and abilities for each, but there are also different builds withing each of the classes. There are 3 main builds for each class focused around the 3 skill tree branches for your character. For the Technomancer this would be the pestilence (Decay Skills), tech shaman (Gadget Skills) or demolisher (Ordinance Skills).

On top of this there are 4 legendary armor sets for each class with a focus on improving different skills and you should aim to get the full set that improves your build the most.

Here are a list of some of the best Technomancer builds.

Outriders Best Technomancer Build

Outriders Technomancer Blighted Rounds Build

Outriders: What's The Best Technomancer Build For Beginners? Outriders Technomancer Blighted Rounds Build

The blighted rounds build is great for solo players and has a strong focus on dealing high damage and killing groups of enemies quickly. The build is great to use with a sniper rifle (Bosses) or assault rifles. The best skills to use are blighted rounds, blighted turret and the pain launcher or fixing wave.

StatsBuild ValueMax Value
Armor Piercing:30%30%
Crit Damage:15%15%
Damage (Against Toxic’ed):40%40%
Drop Rate (Sniper):12%12%
Magazine Size:50%50%
Skill Cooldown (Decay):15%15%
Skill Leech:15%33%
Toxic Duration:30%60%
Vulnerability Effectiveness:40%80%
Weapon Damage:24%24%
Weapon Damage (Long Range):45%45%
Weapon Damage (Sniper):52%52%
Weapon Leech:15%25%
Activating a Decay Skill increases Weapon Damage for you and your allies by 40% for 10s
Activating an Ordinance Skill increases Weapon Damage for you and your allies by 30% for 10s
First shot after reloading deals 200% damage (5s cooldown)
Increase Anomaly Power by 4% for each unlocked Br/8 Impact Amplifier node (12%)
Toxic applies Vulnerable


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  • April 16, 2021 at 5:04 pm

    Great detail, appreciate the thorough explanations for all of your choices. Very helpful to understand, I’m testing the build, but I’m still leveling. The damage is great. The only downside is that it kinda ‘forces’ you to not swap your weapon, and I love to do that to quickly adapt to different combat scenarios. i am just a beginner and following this blog for guidance http://www.xfire.com and now i am looking forward your blog for more content!


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