Outriders Best Technomancer Build For Expeditions Tier 15 Gold

Outriders Best Technomancer Build For Expeditions Tier 15 GoldOutriders Expeditions can be tough, especially if you want to solo them, but with the right build its a lot easier to get gold ratings on the highest tier 15. This common Technomancer build will focus on blighted rounds and dealing high DPS and is close to as good a build as you can get for the character.

Outriders Best Technomancer Build For Expeditions Tier 15 Gold

Outriders Expedition Tier 15

Technomancer Gear Choices

When picking the best weapon for your outriders Technomancer build, I prefer the double gun over the regular assault or LMG as its an assault rifle and there is a mod to boost assault damage and skills to also boost assault damage but it has higher ammo than a regular assault, meaning its much easier to keep blighted rounds active and this build is all about dealing as much damage with blighted rounds as possible.

  • Weapon – Double Gun standard with both bone shrapnel and death chains

For armor I try to focus mostly on increasing firepower and if I can, increasing status power and skill cooldown. if not then close range damage, which deals +10% for enemies with a 10m radius and during expeditions enemies are very close to you a lot of the time. For mods its a mixture of increasing damage and armor.

  • Helmet – Critstack, Bloodlust
  • Upper Armor – Dum Dum Bullets, Damage Absorber
  • Lower Armor – Emergency Stance, Spare Mag
  • Gloves – Trick up the sleeve, radical therapy
  • Boots – Critical Analysis, Toxic Lead

For the technomancer build I like to have trick up the sleeve and toxic lead because it means every kill I receive 70% ammo back into my mag which can keep blighted rounds alive.

Outriders Best Technomancer Build For Expeditions Tier 15 Gold

Technomancer Skills & Skill Tree

For skills you want to focus on dealing high damage, and specifically toxic damage and since this is a blighted rounds focused technomancer build, then we want blighted rounds dealing most of the damage in the build.

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  1. F0dd3r

    Great build. I’ve been using it for the past few days. I made some slight changes to it to suit my play style and to help out my co-op partner. I have Cannonade and Empowering Antenna with the Blighted Turret, Rounds and Pain Launcher. I’m also using an Eventide Cleaner with Ultimate Damage Link and Toxic Bullets II.

    Thanks a lot for this build, it was really helpful.

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