Outriders Monster Hunt Locations


Outriders All Monsters – Monsters in Outriders are the final boss type creatures at the end of the games side missions called monster hunts. These tough and big legendary creatures are some of the toughest fights in the main game, but also some of the most fun enemies to defeat like the oreyard queen.

This is a list of all the Monster hunts in Outriders, and how to defeat these giant creatures.


Outriders All Monster Hunts

To start any of these missions, each of the planets will have a monster hunt mission on the map and you can gho to it and interact with it to start the monster hunt. After hunting and defeating the monster return to trench town and talk to Noah for a reward.

  • Coldclaw – Track down the creature in Eagle Peaks
  • Bigjaw – Track down the creature at the Quarry
  • Moldfang – Track down the creature near the Deserter’s Stronghold
  • Oreyard Queen – Track down the creature in the Wreckage Zone
  • Splittooth – Track down the creature in the Forest Enclave, waterfall lair
  • Spinewretch – Track down the creature in the Ancient Ruins
  • Wendigo – Track down the creature in the Gale
  • Hauras – Track down the creature in the Dunes
  • Sandshifter Track down the creature in the Desolate Fort
  • Typhon – – Track down the creature in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk


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