Outriders All Legendary Weapons

Outriders All Legendary Weapons

Outriders All Legendary Weapons – There are lots of legendary weapons to collect in Outriders and each has its own unique playstyle. Weapons are split into 4 different types, assault, sniper, shotguns & Side arms and these can be found by looting or enemy drops in common, unusual, rare, epic and legendary difficulty. You can also find outfits the exact same way and there are plenty of legendary outfits to collect.

There are also 2 accolades associated with legendary items:

  • Legendary Weapons Tier 1-5 – Collect 46 Legendary Weapons
  • Legendary Outfits Tier 1-5 – Collect 95 Legendary Outfits or Armors

While the accolades mention 46 legendary weapons to collect, duplicated count towards the total, so its unclear the exact number of legendary weapons there are to collect, however, here is a list of all known legendary weapons in Outriders.

Outriders All Legendary Weapons

Outriders All Legendary Weapons Legendary Assault Weapons Outriders

Legendary Assault Weapons

Assault Rifles

  • Voodoo Matchmaker – Legendary Assault Rifle
  • Thunderbird – Legendary Assault Rifle
  • Absolute Zero – Legendary Assault Rifle
  • Heir to the Desert – Legendary Assault Rifle
  • Time Ripper – Legendary Assault Rifle
  • Inferno Seed – Legendary Assault Rifle
  • Master Tool – Legendary Assault Rifle

Double Guns

  • Amber Vault – Legendary Double Gun
  • Lucky Jinx – Legendary Double Gun

Submachine Guns

  • Grim Morrow – Legendary SMG
  • Fatal Symbiont – Legendary SMG
  • The Migraine – Legendary SMG Standard Variant
  • Roaring Umbra – Legendary SMG

Light Machine Guns

  • The Reaper – Legendary LMG
  • Damascus Offering – Legendary LMG
Outriders All Legendary Weapons Legendary Sniper Rifles Outriders

Legendary Sniper Rifles

Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

  • The Iceberg – Legendary Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
  • The Headhunter – Legendary Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Automatic Sniper Rifles

Mindmugger – Legendary Automatic Sniper Rifle


  • Rarogs Gaze – Legendary Rifle
  • Molten Eidola – Legendary Rifle
  • Blightbearer – Legendary Rifle
  • Twister Mercy – Legendary Rifle
Outriders All Legendary Weapons Legendary Shotgun Weapons Outriders

Legendary Shotguns

Pump Action Shotguns

  • Aerie Master – Legendary Pump Action Shotgun Breach Variant
  • Golem’s Limb – Legendary Pump Action Shotgun
  • Paxian Blessing – Legendary Pump Shotgun
  • The Guillotine – Legendary Pump Action Shotgun
  • Enoch’s Blessing – Legendary Pump Action Shotgun
  • Anomaly Effigy – Legendary Pump Action Shotgun
  • The High Roller – Legendary Pump Action Shotgun

Automatic Shotguns

  • Deathshield – Legendary Automatic Shotgun
  • The Anemoi – Automatic Shotgun Narrow Variant
Outriders All Legendary Weapons Legendary Sidearms Weapons Outriders

Legendary Sidearms


  • Torment and Agony – Legendary Pistol


  • Lucky – Legendary Revolver
  • Disintegrator – Legendary Revolver

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