Outriders Legendary Armors Sets & How To Get Them

Outriders All Legendary Armors – Armor in Outriders is split into 5 parts, helmets, body armor, pants, gloves and boots. Each body part can be equipped with an armor piece that come in different rarities up to the best rarity, legendary. Legendary armor pieces have the best stats and unique mods.

Every armor piece in game is part of a full set or outfit and each class has there own unique armors. For example the pyromancer has a legendary armor set called the reforged that has a reforged helmet, body armor, pants, gloves and boots to collect.

Of course you dont need to equip the full armor set, you can mix and match pieces from other armors if you want to but finding and equipping a full set of armor will offer a unique bonus called the 5-Piece Bonus.

This is a list of all the legendary armor and outfits in Outriders, with there full set bonuses and how to get them.

How To Get Legendary Armors & Farm Them

To get any legendary armor in outriders, they are dropped at random from enemies like every other legendary weapon and armor in game, but they are much rarer. The armors are also sold from the end game vendor by using pod resources acquired by completing expeditions but it takes a long time for the vendors inventory to reset. That means the only good way to get armor is to farm the easiest expeditions and hope for legendary drops. Unlike legendary weapons farming for armor is a much slower process.

Outriders Legendary Armors List

Pyromancer Legendary Armors

  • The Reforged Armor Set – (5-Piece Bonus)
  • The Acari Armor Set: Every enemy damaged by heatwave grants 25% anomaly power bonus for 10 seconds (5-Piece Bonus).
  • The Torturer’s Armor Set: Triples the size of volcanic rounds damaging aura that surrounds each bullet (5-Piece Bonus).
  • The Lava Lich Armor Set: Increase damage and decrease cooldown of eruption (5-Piece Bonus)

Devestator Legendary Armors

  • Deathproof Armor Set– (5-Piece Bonus)
  • Marshal’s Armor Set – Endless Mass pulls enemies and makes them share damage (5-Piece Bonus).
  • Seismic Commander Armor Set: Increase damage towards enemies with bleed by 150% (5-Piece Bonus).
  • Statue Armor Set: Using either tremor or golem doubles your firepower and doubles weapon skill leech for you and your teammates (5-Piece Bonus).
Chronosuit legendary Armor

Trickster Legendary Armors

  • The Chronosuit Armor Set – Reverting time replenishes ammo in your clip (5-Piece Bonus).
  • Trespasser Armor Set: The player cant die inside of the Slow Trap (5-Piece Bonus).
  • The Ugake Otarah’s Armor Set: Hunt the prey does not consume cooldown when teleporting behind and enemy marked with venator’s knife (5-Piece Bonus).
  • Cannonball Armor Set: Killing an enemy with melee skills replenishes ammunition on your current weapon (5-Piece Bonus).

Outriders Technomancer legendary armor

A list of the outriders technomancer legendary armors that can be found in game.

  • Torrential Downpour Armor Set – Scrapnel creates additional cluster bombs after explosion (5-Piece Bonus).
  • Grim Inventor Armor Set: While tool of destruction is active, every enemy hit with Pain Launcher restores 20% of ammo for both the minigun and RPG. Can happen once per one Tool of Destruction usage (5-Piece Bonus).
  • The Borealis Monarch Armor Set: Increase weapon damage on frozen enemies by 80%. Also critical damage is increased for all party members for 8 seconds after using the cold snap ability (5-Piece Bonus).
  • The Plague Sower Armor Set: Upon applying toxic status, gain 5% damage reduction for 5 seconds, stacks up to 5 times (5-Piece Bonus).

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    So where is the part where you tell us how to get these Legendary pieces of armor?

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      The armor is not available until the full game

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