All 69 Amazing Outer Worlds Weapons and Unique Armors Guide

All 69 Amazing Outer Worlds Weapons and Unique Armors Guide

The Outer Worlds Weapons

How to get all 69 outer worlds weapon and a complete walkthrough of how to get them.  Whether you are a pro player or a beginner, following this guide will make sure you dont miss any of the unique items.  

The unique items include all unique weapons and armor, all science weapons, all missable weapons and all bugged or missing weapons.

All The Outer Worlds Weapons Walkthrough

Missing Unique Weapons (4)

  1. The Negotiator – Given by Cassandra from Fallbrook (Found on the unreliable captains quarters) after you complete all 4 sublight VP quests for Lydia on the groundbreaker (And Killed Dr Chartrand) and completed slaughterhouse Clive (And killed Clive).
  2. Bursty
  3. Nightfall Armor – 100% Board reputation
  4. Nightfall Helmet – 100% Board reputation

Terra 2 Edgewater (10)

Reeds Hat & Adelaide’s Gardening Shears

The first two items are reeds hat and Adelaide’s Gardening Shears which are found as part of the comes now the power.  To get both items restore power to Edgewater.  Return to Adelaide in the botanical lab and convince her to return to Edgewater, select I will deal with reed for you.

Return to reed in Edgewater and kill him. Now return to Adelaide and she are flock will return to Edgewater.

Now go to Edgewater when Adelaide has returned and kill Adelaide, at some point after this you can find her gardening shears and reeds hat, which will appear in the same place on the unreliable, next to a skull.


The next item is the fiver, this can be purchased from Stefan Garcia at the botanical lab.

Blad on Stick

Blad on a stick is found during the quest fistful of digits, talk to constable Reyes after you’ve restored power to Edgewater or the botanic lab. You must kill three outlaws including doc Maybell who has the weapon on them.


The peacekeeper is also from constable Reyes; however, you need to steal it from her. Make sure to do this as early as possible because certain quests, if you follow that path, will end the people of Edgewater dying and the peacekeeper will be lost.


Maxwell can be purchased from the general store in Edgewater

Ol Reliable

The next item is the ol’ Reliable, which is located at the primal nest in the emerald vale. Kill the primals and find the weapon lying on the ground.

Shock Stick

The shock stick is a reward for completing the side mission die robot, given by Ludwig at the Edgewater landing pad. Simply complete all of Ludwig’s missions to get the unique weapon.

Landing Pad Cutter

Next another weapon at the Edgewater landing pad, head under the landing pad and follow the platform to find the landing pad cutter.

Long Ranger

The long ranger is a cool weapon, but unfortunately can only be found by killing grace at the botanical gardens. I tried pick pocketing, but the weapon only drops when she is dead.


Terra 2 Byzantium (7)

Pink Slip & Exterminator

These two weapons are found for sale from Winston Forsyth on Byzantium, unfortunately the pink slip sniper rifle is bugged for most people and doesn’t show up in his inventory, but this is where you buy it.

Latinus & Pauper Popper

The Latinus and pauper popper are purchased from Percival Platt in Byzantium’s HHC Building. However, unfortunately the Latinus is bugged for most and not available to buy, the pauper popper should be there.

Ionized Paper Knife

The Ionized paper knife is in Byzantium’s maintenance tunnels, inside of the post office area.

Certified Explorers Hat

To get the explorers hat you must complete all halcyon in a day quest for Alonzo in the bureau of exploration.

You must find three beacons; one in Edgewater, one on Scylla and one on monarch.


The Chimaera armor is one of the best in game but takes a bit of time to get and many are having issues with it.

You start the quest by talking to celeste in the haberdashery on Byzantium. She wants you to model three outfits. Marauder, you can find these easily in Edgewater by killing marauders, like the one in the emerald vale.

Iconoclast armor, which can be bought from the vendor in amber heights.

The final armor is the spacers armor and is the toughest since it appears bugged for many.

To get it, head to the armor vendor on the Groundbreaker and buy the water-resistant wear and padded helm. If he doesn’t have them leave and come back as vendors stock changes. These two items will complete the quest.

If that does not work, try the work friendly farm gear and the low-pressure helm.

The final stage is 10 primal hides, which can be found by killing primals on edge water, there are loads of them wandering around.

The mantiqueen chitin and raptidon flank hide can be bought from Sebastian Adams in stellar bay.

The rest of the quest is easy, but I don’t want to spoil what happens for you guys. The armor is your reward in the end.


Terra 2 Roseway (6)

Raptidon Handlers Armor

The Raptidon handler armor can be found inside the luxury apartments in Roseway.

Anarchists Cookbook + Rapti-prod + Researchers Scrubs

In Roseway talk to Anton Crane to start the missions “the doom that came to Roseway”.

The mission has you go to covert labs.

For the Researchers Scrubs, do the optional part of the quest to save the raptidon’s, you do this by putting them to sleep with the gas canisters. If you do, the scrubs are awarded to you at the end of the mission.

The next important step is to rescue Cassandra who is in jail, to rescue her head to porter’s office to make a keycard. Next clear a path for her escape.

Saving Cassandra is Important as a new side mission will unlock when you do. After completing the doom that came to Roseway, head back to the labs and outside wandering around is Lillian, completing her easy side mission rewards you with the Anarchists Cookbook.

Finally, at the covert labs, the rapti prod is on a table in the underground lab.

Finally, when completing the doom that came to Roseway, make sure to give the toothpaste formula to Gladys as if you don’t it will mess up other quests with unique items like the next one Vulcans hammer.

UltiNature + Ultimatum

In Roseway talk to Orson to start the quest Vulcans hammer.


The only thing to note for this quest is that at the end of the quest you are asked to return to either Orson or Auntie Cleo. You must return to Orson to get the Ultimatum Weapon.

Later you can come back for a second weapon from Orson called UltiNature.


Groundbreaker & Satellites (11)

For the Groundbreaker im also including all the satellites and relay stations as they are part of missions for people on the Groundbreaker.


This is a unique weapon that is missable, during the quest who goes there, given by Commander Sanita, you must hunt down and kill Captain MacRedd. You get the Montag by killing and looting him, if you don’t the weapon is missable.

Welders Goggles

The welders Goggles are a reward for the quest happiness is a warm ship for Jun-lei, it’s not missable, just finish the quest. Keep in mind you will come across Captain MacRedd during this mission, make sure if you do kill him, to take his weapon.

The Silencer

After completing happiness is a warm ship, talk to Edna Ingmire to start the quest the silent voices. You travel to GB-23 a relay station. At the end of the station you can find the silencer weapon.

Defective MoonMan Helmet

The defective MoonMan Helmet is found in the back of the spacer’s choice shop.

Salvagers Helper

The salvagers Helper is sold by Gladys in the rest and go.

Sublight VP Armor & Researchers Mask + Mind Control Ray

The sublight VP armor is one of the best in game and is missable.  To start you need to talk to Lilya Hagen to get the quest salvager in the sky, she is on Groundbreaker.

Complete this to start the next one Space Crime Continuum, which leads to the next one the ice palace. During the Space Crime Continuum Quest, you find the secret lab in Cascadia. Right at the end after the room with terminal where you exit there is a locked door, the mind control ray is behind the door up some ladders.

The next mission is the ice palace. During the Ice palace quest you head to the HRS-1084 Satellite. Play the mission all the way to the end where you are at the office terminal. Next to this room is another with a safe with the researchers mask inside.

After you complete this mission the final mission will be available called the Chimerists last experiment. You can play this all the way to the end.

The important part is when you confront Dr Eva Chartrand, you need to kill her. If you don’t, when you return to Lilya on Groundbreaker she won’t give you the Sublight VP armor. So that one is missable.

The prismatic hammer

The prismatic hammer is part of the science weapons missions, you start by accessing the terminal on the Unreliable. You can get the data pad from Gladys to show the location of the weapon. To find the weapon head to the sleeping quarters on Groundbreaker. Jump up on to the beds and there is a secret entrance to the repair bays. Kill the enemies, loot the key for the door and the hammer is inside the repair hanger.

Shrink Ray + Phin’s Force

The final two weapons are found on Phineas’ Lab. You can get the data pad for the shrink ray from Gladys on the Groundbreaker. The shrink ray is located on the table in front of Phineas wells. The Phineas Force Weapon is found in Phineas wells room, but it’s only available after Phineas disappears, during the main story and you have access to it.


Scylla (4)

Safecrackers Jacket

To get the Safecrackers jacket you need to start the companion mission for you companion Felix. At one point you end up at Harlow’s Base on Scylla a new location. The Jacket is inside a yellow container at the back of the base.

Irionions Flintlock

You obtain this quest by accepting to do a favor for the custom’s officer one the Groundbreaker, CPL. Leonard Wheeler. He will ask you to give a message to Dr. Wanda Dorsett at the Groundbreaker’s Sick Bay. You can also gain this quest by speaking to Captain Irion on Scylla. Either way save Captain Irion to get his pistol as a reward.

Primal Tamers Baton

The Primal Tamers baton is found next to a dead outlaw in the south of Scylla

Mandibular Rearranger

The Mandibular Rearranger can be found at the abandoned mining camp on Scylla.


Monarch (27)

A Nice Hat

The nice hat is found in a church just outside stellar bay

MSI Elite Helmet & Armor + Gloop Gun

To get The MSI Elite helmet and armor talk with Sanjar in Stellar Bay to start the quest Bolt with his name.

Simply finish the mission and return the Bolt 52 Cartridge to Sanjar, he will give you the MSI Elite Helmet as a reward and will unlock the next quest Errors Unseen.

In the quest head to the UDL Lab and find the terminal to complete the mission, the keycard is located next to a computer in the previous room. While you are at this terminal you can also unlock the science weapon the gloop gun which is downstairs.

Finish the quest and return to Sanjar to get the MSI elite Armor.

Iconoclast Apostle Helmet & Armor + Euthanasia Kit

To get the Iconoclast Armor and Helmet you need to complete missions for Graham Bryant In Amber Heights.

The First mission is the commuter, help him by getting printing press rollers and high capacity cartridges. Completing the quest gives you the helmet.

This also unlocks the next mission pay for the printers.

During this quest you rescue Zora’s team, you do this by finding them next to Terra one publications. Before the leave however you must find their Medic, who is in the houses left of the publications entrance, search her body and she will have the unique weapon euthanasia kit.

Finish the mission to be rewarded with the Iconoclast armor

Hemlocks Eyepatch

Before doing the final mission for Graham speak with Zora Blackwood to start the mission sucker bait. During the quest the Hemlocks eye patch can be found inside the sealed building at the relay station.

If you do the final mission for graham, then this mission is missable and so is the eye patch.

Soft Speaker + The Good Word + MSI Sultana Searer

The final Mission for graham is called Canids Cradle, it gives you three different weapon choices. You can only get one of the three and two are missable. Pick wisely and remember who you pick here will determine the ending of the game as well.

At some point during the radio free monarch quest a gunship will crash and you need to return the captains key.

If you want to broker peace between Iconoclasts and MSI and get the unique soft speaker do this by returning the captains key to Sanjar and asking for a truce.

To side with MSI return to Sanjar and don’t ask for peace, after you survive the Iconoclast assault, he will give you the Unique MSI Sultana Searer.

To side with the Iconoclasts, return with the captain’s key to Graham, after taking control of stellar bay you will get the unique the good word weapon.

Sublight Contractors Helm & Clives Cleaver

To get the Sublight Contractors Helm or Clives Cleaver start the quest slaughterhouse Clive for Catherine in Fallbrook. Now this quest has missable parts to it.

When you get near the end of the mission and find Clive you can kill him or persuade to him to leave and then return to Catherine for the Unique sublight contractors helm.

However, if you decide to side with Clive, you start the mission cysty dance with death where you kill Catherine and return to Clive and get rewarded with Clive’s cleaver.

You only get one of these unique items, personally I would choose the Helm to stay in good standing with the Iconoclasts.

Supper Time

To get supper time go talk to Velma Ballard in the warehouses in Stellar Bay to start the quest the secret people.

You head to a house outside of stellar bay. Im not gonna tell you exactly how you get this one as it’s a fun mission, you can play it and the weapon is found right at the end on a body in a locked room at the top of the house.

Grimm’s Tossball Blocker

This unique item is rewarded by Grimm in Stellar Bay and this weapon is one that doesn’t show as being unique in game but is most like a unique item.  First, next to the landing pad you can talk to Grimm and accept his quest, the Grimm tomorrow.  Finish the mission and get rewarded with a weapon called tossball blocker.  Now this one is not showing as unique in game, however in the game files its listed as one of the unique items and so it could be a bug.  Either way if your collecting uniques, don’t break this one down, keep it until we find out more.

Marauder Survivalists Armor

The armor is found in a yellow chest behind the marauder’s river camp

Purpleberry Police Helmet

Obtained in the custom building in Cascadia Landing Pad.

SugarOps Helmet

Cascadia, building with Rizzo’s sign inside, in a safe.

Purpleberry Police Armor

In a 100 locked room inside of a safe in Cascadia landing pad

SugarOps Armor & Candy Cane

These two items are found together. In Cascadia, head to the bar to find the door keycode for the walkway to Cascadia landing pad. Halfway along the walkway is an elevator. Take it down and kill the guy inside to get the armor and weapon.

Hammer of Olympus

Found at Sundered Rock on Monarch, northeast of Devil’s Peak Summit.

Anti-Manti Ray

Found in the Mantisaur lair close to the Fallbrook crossroads

Purpleberry Launcher

Found in a locked room up a ladder in Cascadia

Sublight Plasma Knife

Sold by Lyanna Reed in Fallbrook.


Thunder is found at the C3 barracks, you can steal it from the barracks or finish the quest for the soldiers outside and you can pick it up either way it’s easy to obtain.


Can be found at Hero’s Last Stand on Monarch.

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