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Outer Worlds Weapons & Armors: How To Get Them

In The Outer Worlds, weapons and armor are essential items that the player can use to defend themselves against hostile enemies and complete various missions.

Weapons in The Outer Worlds come in different categories such as melee, ranged, and science weapons. Melee weapons include various types of swords, hammers, and spears, while ranged weapons include guns such as pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Science weapons are unique weapons that use scientific principles to deal damage and have special effects.

Armors in The Outer Worlds are protective clothing items that offer different levels of protection against physical, energy, and corrosive damage. There are different types of armor in the game, including light, medium, and heavy armor, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some armors also have special bonuses and modifiers that can enhance the player’s abilities or protect them against specific types of damage.

Players can also modify their weapons and armor to enhance their stats, add unique effects, or change their appearance. Weapon and armor modifications can be purchased or found throughout the game, and players can use them to customize their gear to fit their playstyle.

Outer Worlds Weapons & Armors

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