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Outbreak Shades of Horror All Weapons & Safe Combinations

How to find and get all of the weapons and items hidden in the world of Outbreak Shades of Horror. These items are needed to progress through the level and include things such as the screwdriver, axe and the gun. Several of the weapons are locked inside of cases and require a combination to unlock. Listed below are each of the items and where to find them.

All Weapons & Codes

  • Screwdriver – Found inside a locked box (Code 6661)
  • Gun – Found inside a police car After unlocking the north gate (Code 2236)
  • Bolt Cutters – Found inside the west gate Behind Red Barrels (Requires Gun)
  • Axe – Found inside the south gate requires bolt cutters and gun
  • Grenade Launcher – Found in the north gate area behind boxes and red barrels (Code 1415)
  • Gas Cannister – Found on the fire truck (Code 6154)
  • C4 Detonator – Found in the south gate area behind boxes and red barrels (Code 5521)
  • C4 Explosive – Found inside the east gate behind a red barrel (Code 3124)
  • Crowbar – Found inside the east gate behind boxes
  • Helicopter Fuel – Found on a truck in the south gate area, requires gas can

All Notebooks

All 15 Notebook Locations Outbreak Shades of Horror
  • David’s Journal
  • Survival Note
  • Fire Chief’s Memo
  • Weapon Notification
  • Launcher Ordinance
  • Demolition Remarks
  • Munitions Warning
  • Secretary’s Confession
  • Military Fax
  • Fire Truck Access
  • Medical Examination
  • Officer Letter
  • Pilot’s Diary
  • Priming Explosive Info
  • Sewer Modification

All Epilogues

  • Too Close To the Sun – Escape in the Helicopter
  • A Mild Delay
  • The Stench of Death – Escape via the sewers
  • Underground Horrors
  • Thunderous Escape
  • Accidental Discharge – Escape using the C4
  • Succumbing to Infection – Die of Infection
  • Shades of Horror

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