Orbital Map

Orbital Map

This page contains all the details of the Kaleidoscope Map in BF2042

Orbital Map
Orbital Map


Kourou, French Guiana

It’s a race against time and hostile conditions as you fight around the site of an imminent rocket launch. Watch out for both enemy fire and upcoming storms on this dynamic map.

Map Locations

  • Point A – Radar
  • Point B – Assembly
  • Point C – Cryoplant
  • Point D – Crawlerway
  • Point E – Launch Pad
  • Point F – Checkpoint

In Game Map

Coming Soon

Map Intel

A 44 gallon double wrapped garbage bag is capable of holding about 22 kilos. The average weight of a 10,000 SGD note is 1.081 Grams, which means the bag the Russians just tossed to the ship from a Sierra class submarine is worth over 200 million SGD. 

Immediately an old telegraph machine on the command bridge sprang to life. It was Oz. Paik read the message. “We will receive 5 Containers. Get them to Kourou.” A day later we conducted another mid-ocean trade but this time with a Russian cargo ship that craned over the 5 containers destined for French Guiana.

The manifest claimed they were filled with Synseco GMO pineapples – shelf stable for up to 24 months. Why did the Russians need No-Pats to ferry their fruit? First, French Guiana was easily one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Secondly, when those containers landed on the deck, the pineapples inside made a very distinct CLANG.

Three weeks later, we were moving our cargo by rail to French Guiana. I’d never have thought this place would be of interest to the superpowers, but the Blackout of 2040 had upended a world already on its head. 

“Everyone thinks about the Blackout killing their internet, but the military implications were the real kicker,” explains Rao. “Having no spy satellites got both superpowers scrambling to get hardware back in the sky.”

The Americans had just lost Canaveral to the sea, so it didn’t take long before people started speculating that they were poking around the old EU launch site in Kourou. “The perfect place to launch your illegal space death lasers without anyone the wiser.” Rao laughs.

Russia must have believed the rumors, because they’ve been encouraging uprisings against the American presence in French Guiana. “Sparking unrest is sort of Russia’s specialty.” smirks another Specialist, Maria Falck. “And it doesn’t take much to get this place riled up.” the former combat medic says, sounding a bit worried about what’s to come. 

We arrived in Kourou a week later for the hand off to a local militia, armed with Russian weapons. One by one the containers were opened, revealing — pineapples. I couldn’t help but laugh, until the fruit was removed unveiling a cache of Volcov multi-munition launchers: the Swiss Army Knife of Russian rocket launchers.

But before anybody can even speak, American forces swarm the area, guns blazing. A sharp sting pierced my left side. I blacked out. When I came to, I was in the back of a flatbed with Maria trying to coordinate an exfil, her bandages wrapped around my abdomen. My first gunshot wound. Hopefully my last. I keep hearing No-Pats say the world has forced them to do things they never imagined just to survive.

Maybe it’s what Oz wanted me to see; what he hoped l’d write. But now, doing Russia’s dirty work, I wonder if No-Pats have lost sight of the cost of survival — or whether I have.

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